Freshman finds new role on lacrosse team

By Christopher Rogers
March 31, 2005

Chris Rogers

Staff writer

Born and raised in Toronto, BC, Scott Bordignon, a freshman exercise science and health promotion major, joined Cabrini to pursue his lifelong hobby; lacrosse. Indulged in the sport from the early age of six as a component to his once violent self, Bordignon’s passion grew founder as he developed a sense of admiration towards the sport.

With dedication and heart-felt feelings for Lacrosse, Bordignon channeled his path to no other than three national winning games during his career as an offensive attack. In association to such credentials, Bordignon brought home a victory in the Minto Cup, a well-respected Championship whose presence has gone noticed for over a century.

Despite such a success, much effort and hard-sweating years went by to reach such desirable a level. For instance, as opposed to settling down for the conventional, school-driven teams, Bordignon’s drive to victory launched him closer to competition as he joined a sports associated club for lacrosse.

“Sports are not taken all that seriously back home when dealing with schools. So instead of joining one of them, I decided to take a more serious approach and join a sports associate club.”

Bordignon affirms that the pillar to his hard work amounts to more than the average hours spent in a gym. For him, dedication and hard work is a direct effect of heart, “I’ve played games with broken fingers, swollen knees and having had concussions. Previous teammates have also been known to play with stitches in their head. It’s all a question of heart, even if it will affect your career one way or another.”

In addition to Bordignon’s drive, his values towards the sport extend farther than the rugged, muddy pits of the field. As he made his way from Lacrosse camp in Baltimore to Cabrini, Bordignon was faced with the tough decision to give up his place as a forward attack and take up that of a team goalie.

“Sure it was hard giving up my position, but I see this as a learning experience. You know, almost like a once-in-a-lifetime chance. It really doesn’t get any better than that,” Bordignon said.

Having never played “outdoor” lacrosse, competing under Cabrini’s blue uniforms has proven a success despite having to be a goalie. Consequently, Bordignon sees much talent amongst the team and is persuaded that the season, as well as his years ahead, will unwind positively.

“I observe the upperclassmen on my team and realize how much there is to look forward too. We really have a good group of guys out here. It’s really an honor to play with them.”

Thus far, Bordignon remains strong-minded in regards to the success of this year’s team, despite the few loses they have encountered in the start of the season. As he so confidently stated, the team will, without a doubt, pull out of that losing period and regain that winning grove.

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Christopher Rogers

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