Frequency Fabrics not your average clothing line

By Trevor Wallace
March 28, 2011

For many college students, pursuing their dreams and channeling their passion into their work are common aspirations but few are successful.  However, Colin Hough has done just that with Frequency Fabrics, a clothing company centered on the idea that we all have a unique frequency in us that makes us special.

left: Shockwave Colorways right: No Holds Bar --submitted photos / Frequency Fabrics

Hough, a senior marketing major, with partners Grace Beal, Steve Steranka and Jake Harris, junior business majors at West Virginia University, together co-founded Frequency Fabrics in order to not only display their artistic and entrepreneurial talents but also to spread their idea of frequency to all those willing to listen.

“Everybody has a different frequency.  Everybody finds frequency in a different way and at the same time frequency is a unified thing and it’s in everyone,” Hough said.

The company’s clothing line is currently geared towards the action sports, musical, artistic and original thought community, however the group knows there are people that would be attracted to their clothing and concepts outside of their current demographic.

“We want people to understand Frequency regardless of who they are, what age group they’re in or where they’re from.  We want them to embrace frequency,” Harris said.

The idea of Frequency Fabrics originated back in high school for Hough who knew there was more to life than sitting behind a desk from nine to five.

“I knew I had to do something creative and entrepreneurial.  I always kind of went my own way,” Hough said.

Together, the group began designing artwork for skateboards and t-shirts but Frequency Fabrics, as they know it today, still hadn’t taken shape.

After Harris had spent time away in Los Angeles, Ca., the group reunited and only less than a year ago Frequency Fabrics became what it is today.

“Once it came full circle for us, it kind of blew us away because we knew it was there the entire time, we just couldn’t put our fingers on it,” Hough said.

Concept Art --submitted photos / Frequency Fabrics

Currently, Frequency Fabrics is working with Philadelphia Fashion Informant Magazine, which is a new magazine geared towards Philadelphia’s youth and promotes creativity, art, skateboarding and fashion.

Tariq Stills, founder of PFI Magazine, expressed his excitement to be working with Frequency Fabrics and considers them to be a great addition to his magazine.

“They’re fresh and new and I know that the vibrant colors on their t-shirts and the idea behind Frequency will appeal to my market,” Stills said.

Frequency Fabrics is relying on their artwork and word of mouth to promote their clothing line, which includes a full array of men’s and women’s apparel.

“The sky is the limit for these guys.  They can go anywhere they want to,” Stills said.

“This is our time and we are going to do it peacefully, beautifully and constructively with everyone behind us.  People strive to feel what we have to offer and I want nothing more than for people to feel that, I really do,” Harris said.

The group’s mission statement, if not moving in concept, is moving in its honesty.

“Whether it’s music, art, traveling or just being you, there is an intoxicatingly beautiful energy that one strives to embrace in doing what they truly enjoy.  This brilliant electricity, the epicenter of life’s infinite euphoria, is what we refer to as FREQUENCY.”

Frequency Fabrics will be launching their website in the coming weeks, coinciding with their release of new t-shirt designs.

Follow them on Twitter @FrequencyFabrix and follow PFI Magazine on Twitter @PFIMAGAZINE.

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Trevor Wallace

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