Formal fun, even if not cool

By Jessie Holeva
April 10, 2008

Going to the big dance was the thing to do in high school. I didn’t miss one and I’d be on the floor till the very last song. It’s college now, and I’m still jumping at the opportunity to bust a move. It’s not quite as cool now but I can’t seem to figure out why.

Sure it’s a little expensive on the Ramen noodle eater’s budget, pricing in at $40 a ticket. Maybe the food wasn’t too exotic, with the exception of mini tacos which I indulged in. And there wasn’t even an open bar.

Setting the negatives aside, it was an overall fun excursion for a Friday night. The music was blissful and the small crowd grinded like it was 1999.

So why is it many college students bashed the dance and made it sound lame? Perhaps they never heard of Darren’s dance moves which you can purchase on DVD. Maybe these wallflowers were just too embarrassed about the crazy dance skills they lacked. I can’t think of another reason why someone wouldn’t want to get dressed up and have an excuse to shake what their mama gave ’em.

Hits were played, like the Miley Cyrus hit “See You Again” along with Journey, Bon Jovi and of course, Hanson. There was even luxurious transportation provided in the form of a yellow school bus which was referred to as a shuttle.

This came in handy for those drinking or lacking ownership of an automobile. The formal ended early enough, 11 p.m., where there was still enough time to go to another party-like location in case the dance ended up being boring and tedious.

Overall, it was a blast but then again I’m an extraordinary dancer. If you had two left feet or hated fast music then I could see why you wouldn’t have enjoyed the event.

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Jessie Holeva

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