Float and Flick

By Melissa Szymborski
September 22, 2010

One of the newest events this past week was “Float n Flick.” What could be a better idea than to have some fun in the pool and watch an all-time classic movie “Jaws”? Everyone who attended got to have some fun on floats, forget about some school work and just relax with their friends.

“Over the summer one of my housemates held an event like this at his local public pool and it turned out to be a lot of fun,” Aisling Carroll a business administration major said.

“Cabrini hasn’t had an event like this for over 10 years, so we thought let’s do it again,” Carroll said.

Jamie Santoro and Aisling Carroll were the two members from CAP board who made this event possible. They worked very hard to make sure that this would be something fun for everyone to come out and participate in something that’s not very usual.

Although not many people knew much about this event a great amount of people did show up.

“We hit some roadblocks; we wanted to make sure this event was fun and a creative way for students to enjoy the ending of the nice weather,” Amber LaJeunesse, assistant director of SEaL, said.

What students may not realize is that a lot of time, money and preparation go into these events, and each is thought up and planned thoroughly.

“It’s a pretty neat and great opportunity to socialize, plus they work really hard on these events,” Maureen Browne, a junior education major, said

“We took extra measures to make sure everyone’s safe,” Derek Kay Dixon’s pool director said. There was about five trained lifeguards there just to make sure everyone was safe.

“The best way to enjoy your college experience is to get involved,” Matt McGuriman senior English major explained. “The events that CAP board run make Cabrini a more exciting school to attend.”

Among the students that came was freshman Kimberly Crowther. “I love to swim and watching a movie while I swim sounds like awesome.”

Most of the students enjoyed just hanging out with their friends and meeting new people. It was held on a Monday night so it was a great night to go do something fun and get involved with Cabrini’s atmosphere.

“This seems like it’s going to be a good time, it was a great idea,” Tim McCann a freshman history major, said, just before he jumped into the pool.

Many students don’t know just how many different activities there are that are constantly going on on Cabrini’s campus. SEaL which stands for Student Engagement and Leadership is always brainstorming new and cool events to get students together. SEaL organizes tons of fun events for the campus and everyone should check it out.

So for all you students out there who want to get out and try new and exciting things make sure to check out what’s going on weekly at the SEaL office. It’s guaranteed to be a great time!

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Melissa Szymborski

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