Fighting for the PAC

By AnnMarie Chacko
March 30, 2006

With four wins and three losses under their belts, the Cabrini women’s lacrosse team is on their way to capturing their ninth straight Pennsylvania Athletic Conference title. Already picked as first in the pre-season poll, they are confident yet well aware of the journey ahead.

“It’s getting harder and harder to stay on top,” Jackie Neary, the head coach, said. “The other teams are beginning to catch up and are hitting us with more competition.”

Their toughest competitors in the conference games are Eastern University and Neumann College and non-conference The College of New Jersey all playing Cabrini in the next few weeks.

Through the tension and adrenaline rushes, the team is focusing on their strengths and working out their weaknesses.

“The hardest thing about playing again is the mixing of old players with the new ones. We have to get that chemistry back, and I think we’re doing well with that this season,” Neary said.

Along with strong seniors, the team’s high-scoring sophomores Katelyn Penrose and Kerri Ricker will take the team a long way, according to Neary.

“Our main goals for this season is first to win the PACs. If we do, we go on to the NCAA championships, which is huge,” Neary said.

Winning the NCAA championship is an accomplishment wanted by all smaller colleges. Cabrini’s team, being a small school, realizes that after claiming the PAC Championship title, they have that automatic bid given to worthy smaller colleges that would otherwise be overlooked.

“We’ve learned a lot these past few weeks. Rowan was a team we beat last year and lost to this year. The girls have learned that now is not a time to play around. We’re serious now, and we’ve got a great team this season,” Neary said.

With their heads held up high and their confidences soaring, these girls are ready to claim their title for the ninth year and keep Cabrini on the map.

They have three upcoming games this week, including their April 1 game against Eastern.

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AnnMarie Chacko

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