Field hockey suffers heartbreaker to Del Val

By Justin Bostwick
September 25, 2008

Women’s field hockey, with a 3 – 4 season, faced defeat to Delaware Valley College on Tuesday, Sept. 16. The game went into double overtime and was followed by a shoot-out in which Delaware Valley claimed their victory.

No points were scored for the first half of the game. Both teams put up a good fight to keep the ball from being secluded to one side of the field.

It was in the second half of the game when Delaware Valley scored the first goal of the evening. The clock had 25:20 seconds remaining when the goal was scored and Delaware Valley fans could be heard expressing their excitement with applause.

Soon after that, the ball made its way to the goal again, but did not count thanks to the blow of the whistle.

At 6:29 remaining in what was thought to be the final stretch of the game, Cabrini scored its first goal of the evening, tying the score up at 1-1.

Lauren Alessi, freshman political science major, scored the point and saved the game from ending when it was expected.

As the clock counted down to zero, the scoreboard still flashed a score of 1-1. This could only mean one thing. As the teams prepared themselves for the game to go into overtime, the crowd’s enthusiasm seemed to increase.

The Cavs made a close attempt at scoring a goal in the first couple minutes of overtime. However, the whistle blew and resulted in a non-successful point.

Needless to say, Cabrini fans were disappointed at this turn of events.

At four minutes remaining in overtime, the goalkeeper put some work in. Caitlin Donahue, sophomore graphic design major, had a huge save, which led the game into double overtime.

Donahue had another huge save at only 1:15 remaining in double overtime.

The scoreboard still read 1-1 because no goals were scored in either of the 15-minute sessions of overtime.

The game became a bit more exciting due to the fact it was going into a shootout. As fans in the bleachers stood up to watch individual players take shots at the goal, Delaware Valley took the win 3-1.

Stephanie Campanaro, freshman exercise science major, was really proud of her team for not giving up after such a long game and showing as much effort as possible.

Despite the loss, Cabrini head coach Jackie Neary still showed compassion for her team. Actually, she thought the game was a great experience because most of the players on the team are young. All of the games that are played in September will hopefully prepare the team for the games they play in October.

“They showed a lot of heart today,” Neary said.

Since the game was a non-conference game, the loss does not have an effect on Cabrini’s status.

Justin Bostwick

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