Fast Track to Philly

By Georgette Breen-Naylor
September 22, 2012

Are you willing to go on a journey into the city of brotherly love? If so Cabrini has a fast track way to get you there. Cabrini offers a program called The Fast Track to Philly that takes students from Cabrini to Philly for one low round-trip rate.

The Fast Track to Philly is a program to encourage students to leave campus and explore all that Philadelphia has to offer. This program has been around for six years and was started because students were saying there is nothing to do on weekends and also Cabrini heard other schools were doing it so they thought it was a great idea and thought they would give it a try.

“It is popular. We go through a lot of tickets each year,” Anne Filippone, director of SEal, said. “Last year 200 tickets per semester were sold,” Filippone said. At least half of the student body either go regularly or are returning.

“We’re not far from the city so I think students should go in and explore Philadelphia,” Filippone said. It is a way students can get off campus and do something different. Philadelphia has a variety of entertainment that can appeal to anyone.”

The program was made so students can have something to do on weekends and Cabrini has provided an opportunity for students to go into the city without using their gas. The city is not far away and it’s convenient for students interested in leaving campus on weekends and looking for something different to do with their friends.

You can purchase tickets at the SEal office for $2 dollar round-trip ticket but you can only purchase one ticket per buyer. The Fast Track to Philly runs one weekend a month and you can purchase tickets the first week of that month up till the weekend that you go. The SEal office is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

This month the SEal office is offering the program twice because it’s the start of the school year and because at the end of the month there is a big program in the city for college students called College Day on the Parkway and Cabrini is encouraging students to attend.

The program has been around for a while and appeals to many students because it is a cheap way to escape the campus on weekends.

“We continue doing it because we think it is successful,” Filippone said.





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Georgette Breen-Naylor

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