Fashion Frenzy

By Kristen Catalanotto
January 29, 2004


Cabrini students are mixing and matching this winter’s trends in order to keep up with constant changing styles.

College students are famous for having no money, so in order to look up-to-date with fashion, they are seeking imitation designer clothes, handbags and other accessories. If you look closely, you can certainly find students carrying their Louis Vuitton bags and their Burberry scarves. A popular place to get your hands on these imitations is the Rice’s Market in Doylestown, Pa. People by the dozens flock to flea markets in order to go home with knock-off designer items.

A real Burberry scarf would cost $210, much less compared to what a lot of people are sporting these days, with the cheaper version for $25-75. An authentic Louis Vuitton wallet can cost $350, while an imitation can cost between $5-10.

According to fashion experts the vintage look is in this year. If you were to walk into many stores in the mall, you would more than likely find t-shirts representing ’80s TV shows and trucker hats displayed on the walls. Another popular trend this year is the initial fad. Initials from A-Z can be found on blouses, purses, bracelets and necklaces. Conor McLaughlin, a sophomore philosophy major, doesn’t intend to follow the new style of monogramming his clothes “I think it’s dumb. I wouldn’t wear it but if someone else wants to that’s on them.”

Trucker hats have also been popping up on the heads of Cabrini students, as well as people all over the country. The fad exploded when MTV’s “Punk’d” host Ashton Kutcher began sporting the hats on his hit prank show. “Jesus is My Homeboy,” can now be found on hats and shirts alike due to the popularity of the fashion.

Even though fashion is constantly changing, sweatpants and hooded sweatshirts can still be found in high demand on the Cabrini campus. Freshman Lauren McStravick finds herself going to class in whatever she feels comfortable in “I feel better going to class relaxed and not having to worry about keeping up with what everyone else is wearing.”

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Kristen Catalanotto

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