Fashion at the Grammys: Are the outfits getting out of hand?

By Renee DiPietro
March 1, 2001

by Renee DiPietro

I cannot wait for the trend of modesty to come back in women’s fashion.

Why? The Grammys.

Numerous times a lucky winner stood up, stumbled her way to and up the stairs, holding her dress shut over her chest the entire time and then was helped off the stage by the escort. I wonder who it was more embarrassing or uncomfortable for, the awkward award winners or her audience?

Some women wore such low cut, non-supportive dresses that they could not get around and receive their awards without looking like ridiculous clowns. All in the name of fashion they dress up in these unwalkable shoes and barely-there outfits, creating a voice with each new look. It is a voice not heard with ears, but heard with the eyes, and some voices are much louder then others.

After the Grammys are done for the night, the after affects are just starting to begin. Fashion reviews of the night start immediately and no one even remembers who won, but everyone knows what everyone wore.

Whose fashion will fly and flop is being discussed all over the radio, the television, and in the tabloids. But it really does not matter which fashion took the cookie for the night, the flops and flies of the night will flip back and forth so many times in the future that in the end the attempt will have been accepted at least at one point.

People in the Hollywood spotlight are used to the fashion talk and the fashion walk. They enter award ceremonies with their heads held high and are proud to be a half -naked Americans, but some of the new talented artists do not seem as comfortable with the fashion expression as they try hard to fit in anyway.

Various award winners would begin their acceptance speech by leaning towards the microphone. Her hand would tighten to her chest and she would try to play off the humility and shock of the moment during her speech. But without her hand in that safety position, her speech would have landed her a secure spot on “Baywatch.”

Toni Braxton made it a must to leave nothing to the imagination. Saving a little something for the man’s eye is probably an opinion she does not agree with since her dress had slits up to there and were kept together with only a white sequined belt. Some women just do not mind if the man’s attraction to her is purely physical.

The freedom of expression, of personality and identity, seems like the most precious statement and the only statement that some believe in. People obsessed with physical appearance will not leave the house unless they are dressed exactly the way they want to be perceived by the world, yet most the time they are still read the wrong way.

At the Grammys, fitting in with the crowd is hard to do, since the only way to fit in is to stick out.

While some check their class, dignity, and morals at the door, the night turns into a stage for a competion of not winning the award, but for winning the talk of the night and perhaps a starring role or two down the road.

I’m not trying to strip away the history of rebellious and revolutionary fighting that women have had to go through in the past to get to where they are now. But as I said before, I just cannot wait for the trend of modesty to reappear in women’s fashion.

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Renee DiPietro

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