Fashion: Uniquely Muse

By Jessica Johnson-Petty
February 13, 2012


Creating her twist of old school and vintage apparel, Musulynn “Muse” Massaley, freshman biology major, styles herself effortlessly.

Hailing from Liberia, she now blesses Radnor with her presence. Muse’s style is beyond international.

You would think that one with such a unique closet would spend a heavy load of her budget on her attire but she does not. There are times when Massaley prepares her outfit at night to get a jump start on the next day.

Ultimately, Massaley does not take long to get dressed. Picturing that mental closet that she has stored, she simply plays off of her mood.

When shopping at home, thrift shops are Massaley’s best friend. Since coming to school and not being familiar with the area, she has found herself shopping at more commercial locations like Forever 21 and Love Culture.

She will not spill all of her fashion secrets.  She purchased two pairs of perfect pumps from her favorite bargain website for under $50 including shipping and handling.

Her style varies but is always casually chic.

Sent from home, Massaley wears a traditional Liberian printed cloth dress pinned up to give a more modern look.

A pink and black-checkered skirt with a unique pattern and favorable soft material is paired with a black casual blazer along with a white leotard. Massaley accessorizes with a vintage necklace with a locket that she describes as a “cool pendent.”

Digging deep through multiple thrift stores, a lacey suit was found at two separate  shops.

Massaley combines a colorful rainbow blazer and very thin material red pumps with pearls. She found the blazer in the garage while cleaning with her aunt.

White pleated linen shorts, a floral button-down shirt and a royal blue sweater is worn as a simple casual outfit. Her pewter glitter pump adds glamour to the outfit that she describes as her “Dorothy shoe.”

Favoring blazers, trousers and heels, Massaley takes style on campus to a new level. “Since Cabrini is on a hill, I can’t really wear heels like that,” Massaley said in an interview while on “Small Talk with Chelbi & jR.”

Because of her style, along with her bubbly personality, this girl cannot be missed. One of her favorite transformations to any ordinary outfit is a nice blazer.

“Fashion is expressive. It’s your personal style that you bring out,” Massaley said. “Your fashion should express yourself. It should say something about yourself whenever you dress.”

Jessica Johnson-Petty

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