Famous fiction detective hits big screen with stellar performance

By Arielle Friscia
January 28, 2010

Shannon Keough

Many remember the great tales that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote years ago for generations to read. The mysterious yet eventful stories of Sherlock Holmes are still read by many out there in the world. Now, readers and fans can see Sherlock Holmes come to life on the big screen.

On Christmas Day, Robert Downey Jr. premiered as London’s craziest and most intelligent detective. He is accompanied by Jude Law, who plays the wise Dr. Watson and Rachel McAdams, who plays the rebel love interest and criminal, Irene Adler. Lord Blackwood, who many might have thought was a younger version of Andy Garcia, was actually Mark Strong, who has starred in movies such as “Tristan + Isolde” and “Syriana.”

The plot is similar to any mystery of Holmes. Sherlock Holmes solves a case and arrests Lord Blackwood, who uses his so-called “powers” from a higher being to kill his victims. Blackwood is hung, but after his burial, he is spotted out of his coffin. How does Holmes solve this mystery of a man coming back from the dead? Head to your nearest movie theater and find out, but here’s a little critique of the movie itself.

Downey brought Holmes’ personality and his insane way of thinking to life. Director Guy Ritchie sets him in dark rooms and made Downey look like he had not been out for days, while Law’s character was more clean cut with a neat haircut and a nice suit on. Viewers can visualize the characters in real life from the books.

It was shocking to see Downey pull off the English accent so well, which shows his diversity as an actor. McAdams, on the other hand decided to stick with her Canadian accent, which was fine because she played the role just right, seducing Holmes to give in to her coyness.

The only one who lost their character’s voice for a good five minutes was Strong during his epic speech before his master plan was going to be executed. The actor, however, definitely makes the audience fear him because of what he may be capable of throughout the film.

Law reveals a different side of himself in this film. Instead of playing the usual lover boy character, he plays a more mature and wise character who keeps Holmes in line when he gets out of control. Don’t worry ladies, Law still plays somewhat of a lover boy because his character Watson is dating Mary Morstan, played by Kelly Reilly, who also performed in the movie “Pride and Prejudice.”

The fight scenes that took place in the movie were impeccable. The creative way of directing the scene was different and not the usual fight scene that viewers would normally see in movies.

First, it would go through the mind of Holmes, thinking about how he would take on the person he was fighting against. During that thought process, the movie showed the slow motion effect of Holmes doing the actions. It made audience members turn their heads, with a few squirming in their seats feeling bad for the guy who Holmes would destroy in the scene.

The plot keeps the audience thinking throughout the entire film. Audience members try to figure out who the mysterious people in the movie are, alongside with Holmes and Watson. There are many obstacles that they face, but the two characters handle any obstacle together intelligently.

The movie Sherlock Holmes is a film that many should go see to relive their grade school reading on the big screen.

Ritchie has made a huge comeback from the creative directing that he has done with this film along with Downey in the acting world.

The movie Sherlock Holmes is currently still in theaters and fans could possibly look forward a sequel after seeing how this spectacular movie ends.

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Arielle Friscia

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