Falardeau ‘doesn’t miss a beat’ in athletic department

By Diana Trasatti
February 28, 2008

Since Director of Athletics Leslie Danehy left her post in November 2007, Assistant Athletic Director Jeff Falardeau has been working to ensure that the Cavaliers don’t miss a beat.

Falardeau began his position asAssistant Athletic Director at Cabrini five years ago, but his roots in athletics don’t begin there. He is a former basketball and soccer player from Lisbon Central School. He continued playing the two sports at Potsdam State, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in industrial labor relations. In 2000, Falardeau received his Master’s degree in sport management from Indiana State.

Falardeau then moved on to the University of Virginia, where he served as the Facility Coordinator. He acquired the position of assistant men’s soccer coach at Potsdam State from 2002-03. After his years at Potsdam, he received the position of Assistant Athletic Director at Cabrini.

Falardeau’s frequent moves from New York to Indiana, Virginia and Pennsylvania prove that he has little fear venturing into the unknown.

“It’s part of the profession. It’s something you have to be prepared for. You have to have a willingness to move in order to obtain your goals,” Falardeau said.

Cabrini’s athletics department has made significant strides forward under Falardeau’s leadership.

“The entire department has really stepped up during this transition to a new director. We are like one big team and each and every one of us has done an outstanding job,” Falardeau said.

He was a part of the force that strived to renovate Cabrini’s old lacrosse and soccer field into a respectable mini-stadium. The effects of the transformation cost $1.3 million and equipped the field with a Sprint Turf surface, bleachers, a press box, lights and a scoreboard.

Not only has Falardeau lobbied for better field conditions, but he also takes an active role in all 18 varsity teams. He enjoys being able to enhance the student athlete experience and being around the student athletes and coaching staff when they succeed.

“He’s a hard worker and a loyal guy. He supports all the teams here,” head coach of the men’s basketball team Greg Herenda said.

Some of Falardeau’s favorite Cabrini memories include seeing the construction of the new turf field, hosting the first ever National Collegiate Athletic Association men’s lacrosse 2nd championships and planning the women’s basketball team’s trip to Madison Square Garden. But it’s the closeness of the Cabrini community, that he especially enjoys.

“One of the pleasures of the job is it’s almost a family-like atmosphere,” Falardeau said.

Falardeau’s dedication to athletics and Cabrini is apparent, and within his current role his schedule has become even fuller. More meetings and longer hours have become a part of his daily routine, but he has kept the athletics department on a smooth path.

“He’s done a nice job keeping everything going with the flow,” Jennifer Langley, a Cabrini athletic trainer, said. “He works closely with the coaches and getting everything done that needs to be done.”

“At the end of day I love what I do. If you invest yourself 100 percent great things will happen and I have the pleasure of seeing those things occur on a daily basis at Cabrini,” Falardeau said.

Diana Trasatti

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