Facebook applications: the fun fizzles out

By Jessie Holeva
September 20, 2007

Vickie Papageorge

Facebook has recently beem revamping itself by adding a multitude of new applications to suit its numerous followers. This may not be breaking news since the majority of the campus is already addicted to the site; but is Cabrini equally as fixated on the wide range of new applications Facebook recently added over the summer?

Many Cabrini students check Facebook more than three times a day. Others, like Steve Klapy, a sophomore marketing major, simply minimizes the site so never to be behind the times with a new comment or friend request.

Now, there’s more to keep users on edge and using the site more frequently. It is now possible to send your friend a virtual gift, draw a graffiti picture and share the newest song clips. And that’s just to name a few of the extremely common tricks Facebook’s managed to conjure up.

Has this trend taken off or already fizzled?

Jolaine Gero, a senior marketing major, used to love having virtual food fights with her Facebook companions. However, she admits the novelty did wear off.

Gero’s opinion well represents the voice of others asked on campus.

Cabrini freshmen, relative newbies to Facebook, are even feeling lethargic over the applications the website has to offer.

Susan Schmidt, a freshamn elementary and special education major, feels the fun will only last so long. “If someone’s going to send me a present, then do it in real life and not on Facebook.”

Klapy expressed the same opinion towards similar features like the happy hour application. He too, doesn’t see the point in virtual giving.

Here’s the truth. The Cabrini students interviewed for this story practically check Facebook non stop but only put the features to use maybe once weekly but more often than not, even less.

The overall opinion is that these creative applications are overrated.

“When they first came out I had a lot more of the applications,” Shawne Gehman, a sophomore indeclared major, said.

The fancy ones will probably die off soon, but there are a few even the skeptics have on display. “Happy Hour,” an application used to send others drinks, is one of the most popular and widely used.

“Top Friends,” which is similar to a feature Myspace started, has also caught on in the Facebook community.

Whether or not the majority is over the application obsession, Facebook will try to be inventive. “The previous ones will ware off, but they’ll come up with more to make the applications more popular,” Schmidt said.

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Jessie Holeva

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