Facebook Gone Wild

By Victoria Tarver
January 4, 2012

Facebook was started for the college students as a way for them to network and to keep in touch with long lost friends. It also allowed you to connect with far away family members by sharing pictures and even being able to use facetime if you had it. I had my Facebook since the eigth grade and I loved it. I reconnected with a lot of my old friends after we lost contact and we all talk again.
Having privacy settings on Facebook was also a positive to the networking site because you can block out certain things or block certain people from seeing things on your page that you did not want shared. Whatever people used their facebook for in the beginning, I’m sure it wasn’t supposed to turn out the way that people use it for now.
Even though Facebook is a useful website, there are negative effects that people need to look out for. The main thing is the Facebook stalkers so don’t put out your personal information because there are always newsy people trying to find out your business. I think it’s so annoying when I find out that people I don’t like are snooping around on my page to find out stuff or start drama. One of my pet peeves is when these girls post the half naked-pictures. One day, I was tagged in a few photos when some girls just had their underwear on and another had no top at all. I’m embarrassed for them; they don’t know how bad they make themselves look and it’s a mess. I think it’s sad and these girls have no respect for themselves. All it causes is negative attention and they build a bad name for themselves.
People on Facebook seem to have different personalities online than when you see them in person. Do you notice how some people say whatever they want on their pages or they aren’t shy to say things to people on their walls, but they have different attitudes when you actually see them. I think it’s better for people to just be themselves. You don’t have to fake your life on Facebook if you know you don’t have what you brag about on their statuses. It’s just so dumb when people try to act so rich or make their pictures look like the person that they really aren’t for people to like them. I see people like this online every day getting dressed for a Facebook picture, portraying a fake image, but in person they look like bums.
Another pet peeve of mine is when I see boys holding up a stack of money in their pictures like they get money all the time. If they really got so much money like they say they did they wouldn’t be as excited to post those kinds of pictures because it would be normal for them and they wouldn’t want to brag because it would get old.
Overall I just feel like Facebook is getting negative and over rated. If people act like themselves, stop with the drama and exposing things that don’t belong online and facebook could start to become more positive again. I’m not saying that Facebook isn’t useful. There are still good and mature people that use Facebook for the right thing. I rarely use my Facebook anymore, but when I do I most times just talk to my friends that I can’t speak to as often. You could also use your Facebook on a professional note. Start networking to make yourself known in a positive way. One day you might need the connections for a great job and you will be able to network and the people you talk to on your professional page could help you out. As long as you’re one of those people you shouldn’t have any problems just ignore the rest of the drama that’s around you while online.

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Victoria Tarver

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