Application of the Week: Snapguide

By Kristine Semptimphelter
April 3, 2012

Ever wanted to learn how to dougie? Or how to make a delish homemade pie? Did you ever want to learn something new without taking an expensive class or taking up a lot of time to learn it? There is always something new to learn with Snapguide, a free application and website. It allows people to create a guide for just about anything using videos, photos and words on your iPhone.

It is as simple as capturing photos and videos that describe your project. Then, you publish your guide in a format that looks great on the web, on your tablet and on your iPhone. You can share your steps with others who have common interests.

The photos you take can be taken right from your iPhone or unless you want to make it more professional, you can use ones right from the Internet. Using small video clips makes it easy to show a step in detail with motion.

You can search for friends to follow through Facebook, Twitter, and even your address book on your phone to others who are connected to the application. You can also search for interesting editors through featured users.

Some of the guides that are currently posted include “How to make Easter Egg Pops,” “How to keep from catching a cold at work” and “How to roast your own coffee.” In some instances, the guides are done by professionals who specialize in a specific field; in others, someone with a hobby teaches something they love.

There are plenty of competing online guides on the Internet, such as eHow, but Snapguide is a completely different medium, as it is created on your iPhone and the story is told through a clever and simple interface.

Being able to create your own step-by-step guide gives you the power to be the teacher and to share ideas of how to make your own cell phone cover or even teach lessons of a common hip-hop dance.


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Kristine Semptimphelter

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