Exclusive interview with ‘House of Wax’ stars

By Cecelia Francisco and Angelina
April 28, 2005

The original “House of Wax” premiered in 1953 with a budget of $658,000, starring Vincent Price and directed by Andre De Toth. Now, 52 years later, with an updated plot, an elevated budget and not one, but four major cast names, Warner Brothers is set to release its new version of “Hour Of Wax,” on Friday, May 6.

The four stars, Elisha Cuthbert, Chad Michael Murray, Jared Padelacki and Paris Hilton, took time to answer questions from college newspapers all over the U.S. and Canada in promotion of the movie.

Q: Hi, we were just wondering, have you seen the original House of Wax and if so, how do you think it’s different and compares to the one you filmed?

Chad Michael Murray: I think we contemporized. We took a lot of liberties and contemporized a modern version for our audience and demographics.

Elisha Cuthbert: Yeah, I definitely think that in 2005 and watch the Vincent Price film you see a sort of old style film making that obviously will not be in our film. This is very new and up to date and also a lot younger actors involved. It’s a lot better.

Q: What are some reasons why college students will want to come see this movie?

Chad: It’s for college students and you know that it’s fun and you’re really going to enjoy it and if you aren’t into the gore thing we definitely capitalize on that. I think we cornered the market on gore.

Elisha: I think we stepped it up a notch as far as this goes because it’s one of those great epic horror movie type of film that people in college remember looking back at some of the scarier movies that they watched as a kid or in their early teens and go where are those movies now. We have it and it’s basically “House of Wax” and it’s just a lot of fun.

Q: Why do you think you got cast for the roles that you’re playing?

Jared Padelacki: That’s a good question and that’s a hard question to answer without sounding arrogant or vain. I hope I got cast because I met the director and he seemed like a really good guy and a really passionate view of this project and was really excited about it and I wanted to work with him and Joel Zoelburg and I was really excited and I expressed my interest and lucky that he had taken to me as well and I think that many people could’ve done any one of the roles but it’s about who you can interact and if you can interact with the producers and the writers. I happened to be lucky enough to get along with the guys and to hire me and now we have a movie coming out.

Paris Hilton: I think that everyone in the cast is perfect for the roles that they’re playing and I like, I play Paige and I’m kind of the sexy character girl. Because we all look good together in the movie.

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Cecelia Francisco and Angelina

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