Everything you need to know when studying abroad

By BreAnna Stanley
September 25, 2011

Now that the school year has begun, it is time to get involved and get to know about some of the opportunities that are available to you as a Cabrini student. An opportunity that many students enjoy  is studying abroad. International education is a perfect opportunity to travel with fellow classmates, experience different cultures and experience a great vacation.

“Students study abroad in order to experience a new culture, meet people who speak languages other than English and gain an entirely new perspective on their world,” Dr. Nicholas Uliano said.

Uliano, study abroad coordinator at Cabrini, spoke about the importance and great opportunity it is to study abroad with Cabrini College. Cabrini offers a wide variety of interesting international programs. Some popular locations include: Australia, London, Rome, Ireland, South Africa and Guatemala.  Students can choose to travel abroad for various periods of time as short as eight days, or through an entire year.

Short-term study abroad courses, which generally average between $2,500-$3,500 per course, are offered each spring semester and open to students of all class levels. The all-inclusive price includes airfare, credits, hotel, excursions and most meals.

Students interested in studying abroad follow a process. Students first meet with Uliano. Together, they research the various options available so that they find a program which meets the student’s needs, both academically and financially. Once a program is selected, students continue to meet with Uliano on a regular basis for continued advising. Uliano works with the student’s major advisor  in selecting courses which are compatible with the student’s academic program, so that students are on track to graduate on time.

Uliano expressed that students who are open and accepting seem to benefit most from their experiences abroad.  He said that international educational  opportunities also serve to strengthen resumes. Prospective employers often favor candidates with a global world-view based on their various undergraduate experiences.

“I strongly encourage students to incorporate a study abroad experience in their four-year plan” Uliano said. Antonella Durante, junior Spanish and Italian major, took Uliano’s advice and studied abroad twice.

“My freshman summer, I went to Spain for two weeks as part of a short term study abroad course, and I loved it,” Durante said. “I learned about the culture and the language of Spain and I got to practice my Spanish.”

Durante studies abroad to learn and experience more about her future career.

She suggests that students keep an open mind, prepare for the unexpected and enjoy the irreplaceable times.

“You never know what to expect when studying abroad because random things can happen,” Durante said.

She visited Lecce and had to take cold showers because in Italy they heat their water and the heaters never worked.

Studying abroad is a great opportunity to not only experience a different culture, but also to meet new people along the way.

“Overall, studying abroad is the best experience of my life and even though I’ve already been to Spain and Italy, I am planning on going to Spain this coming summer for a one-month-long program to enhance my Spanish and also because I love to travel,” Durante said.

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BreAnna Stanley

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