Events spark campus change

By Lauren Aiken
May 4, 2006

If you have been on Cabrini’s Campus recently you know that there have been many strict security measures that are in effect, due to the recent incident that happened about three weeks ago. Public Safety has increased security greatly since the weekend of Spring Fling, beginning with the strictness of the “sign-in” process of residence buildings to the Radnor Police patrolling the campus daily.

New rules have been put into effect recently to increase the protection of the students living on campus. Most of the complaints may come from the students that are used to having certain freedoms, and do not like the fact that it was taken from them so quickly.

If you have not noticed, Public Safety has made it mandatory for an officer to stay by the entrance of Cabrini College and let one car into the gate at a time. They do this to verify the identity of everyone in a vehicle, letting all students pass through if you have possession of a Cabrini College parking decal, and a Cabrini College student Identification Card. By doing this, they prevent any un-welcomed guests to pass through Cabrini College through the hours of 10 P.M to 6 A.M, and even though most students have agreed that this makes them feel safer, it doesn’t guarantee that nothing else will happen on this campus. My question is what happens in between the hours that Public Safety is outside monitoring the students entering? Is anyone allowed to come into the campus? I feel that this defeats the whole purpose of everything, and just cancels out the hours that Public Safety puts in at nighttime.

Since Public Safety closes the main entrance every night, students are forced to use the Upper Gulph Road entrance. Some students disagree stating that the new rules inconvenience many students that need to come home late due to jobs or other activities and need to go out of their way to use the other entrance.

But, sometimes you need to sacrifice individual inconvenience for the sake of a common goal and if it means that the safety of Cabrini’s students will be guaranteed, then some students can travel two minutes out of their way to the other entrance. I am not saying that it is not aggravating for all of these strict changes to bombard us at once, but I think that if students want the safe, and welcoming Cabrini College that we advertise, we need to take one step at a time to achieve this goal.

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Lauren Aiken

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