Empire Star Jussie Smollett’s eye-opening song

By Jordan Clouthier
March 30, 2017

Jussie Smollett

Four months ago, one of Empire’s Star Jussie Smollett wrote a song called FUW or F****ed up world.

He wrote this song with all of his thoughts on everything that is currently happening in the world. Most of all it is an Anti- Donald Trump song.

In the music video for the song F.U.W., he has many different topics that he talks about through the song and shows those topics through the video.

This song to me was something that needed to be written. Nothing that was said in the song is a wrong fact. He talked about all of the violence that has occurred over the many months with

police brutality and how from his point of view nothing has changed and been fixed.


He also represented disabled people and how it is not right for them to be made fun of which is what current President Donald Trump did during his campaign in running for President.

Women’s right’s and rights for what bathroom transgender people are allowed to use showed up in his song and music video. He sang about the unfair human rights for the refugees who are trying to come over into our country for safety because they are not safe in their own countries.

Background for the song from YouTube

Overall, he touched on major topics in this song. Everything he talked about is things that are constantly talked about but nothing is being done about it. I understand that things take time to be fixed and turned around but we are not acting as the United States of America right now.

We are more divided then ever and it seems that everything is all about fear and violence these days. Campaign rallies were violent and it was almost as if that is okay. Police brutality and brutality in general is out of control and nothing is being done about them.

Over the last few months, our President has decided to stop helping those in need which is making people protest and come together to stop the situation. Then we have others who disagree which leads to fighting. We have men deciding a women’s fate with health care which lead to one of the biggest protests the United States has ever had.

Everyone should listen to this song. As a country everyone needs to come together as one. Stand up for what is right and end the hate and the violence. That is how you make America great again. You won’t do that by pinning everyone
against each other or by making everyone hate each other.

Jussie Smollett had the right idea for this song with how the world needs to be now and opens up the peoples’ eyes to what we need to be.

Jordan Clouthier

I am a sophomore at Cabrini University. This is my first year writing for the Loquitur. I may not be the strongest writer but I am here to learn and to give so much information to not only my school but to the public as well

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