Effects of sports injuries

By Mike Dempsey
December 4, 2008

Sports injuries can have an extremely detrimental effect on one’s health, mood and future. Sports have a colossal impact on society. When athletes are injured, it has an effect on everyone around them; including their team, coaches and fans.

Sports at Cabrini College are a large part of what makes the school extraordinary. The support that our school shows to its sports teams and players is remarkable. When someone sees a student athlete in the hallway on crutches because he or she was injured while playing a sport, there is a certain level of respect that is shown to that individual.

Robert Rabena, sophomore exercise science major, dealt with numerous sports injuries over the years. In Rabena’s high school junior year, he suffered from back spasms as well as elbow tendonitis from pitching so frequently for his school’s baseball team. Rabena was awarded the MVP of his sophomore baseball team and was expected to be a key factor in the team’s success during his junior year. His injuries prevented him from pitching for the varsity baseball team during his junior year, and as a result, his team ended the season with a losing record.

During Rabena’s basketball career, he suffered a handful of rolled ankle injuries which lead to his ankle surgery during his freshman year here at Cabrini College. Rabena was on crutches for close to two months following his surgery and had to surpass several months of physical therapy in order to get back full use of his ankle mobility.

Rabena is presently going to the gym 5 days a week and works out to the fullest because he knows what it feels like to be inactive because of a sports injury.

Lamar Fisher and Wesley Toth, sophomore basketball players here at Cabrini College, can also relate to sports injuries. Fisher suffered a hyper extended knee during his freshman year basketball season. The injury put him out of commission for a while but he is currently playing basketball for the school’s varsity basketball team and has fully recuperated.

Toth has also accumulated a hefty number of shin splints over the course of his basketball career, but luckily has not suffered from anything serious yet.

In the professional world of sports, injuries can have serious repercussions on a team’s entire season. The Philadelphia Eagles are having an unsuccessful season thus far mainly due to sports injuries. Up until the fifth week of the regular season, the Philadelphia Eagles’ top-two wide outs have been injured, which has had an effect on the success of the entire offense thus far. Brian Westbrook, the Eagle’s star running back, has been unable to live up to his high expectations of being one of the top-five running backs in the NFL, due to a knee injury.

All in all, sports injuries have innumerable effects on individual athletes, teams and fans worldwide. Injuries are all part of the world of sports and must be anticipated before every game, no matter what sport is concerned.

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Mike Dempsey

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