Editorial: Newspaper, administration call “cease fire”

By Editorial Board
March 22, 2001

Last week, the newspaper sponsored an accessibility walk to determine the accessibility of certain buildings and the campus as a whole. A meeting was held to discuss the findings this walk. Letters were sent to members of the administration, faculty, SGA and other offices on campus inviting them to attend. On the whole, the staff was impressed that as many people showed up that did and that they responded in the way that they did. Student reporters were taken seriously, and a potentially volatile situation turned out to be a positive and informational meeting. It also showed that the current administration is moving forward to erase the negative memories of the past.

Mike Caranfa, chief facilities officer, was very helpful and provided reporters with useful information. He has also made efforts after the meeting to clarify information and answer reporters’ questions openly and honestly. Others in attendance, including Andrea Maneval, Charles Schaffner and David Carpenter, approached the situation in much the same way. This is a step in the right direction for both the students and the administration of this school.

As reporters, the newspaper is responsible to report the facts to the community. It is also our school, and we want to make improvements as well as do our jobs. This administration has finally seen us not as an enemy as previous ones have. Instead, as seen through this meeting, both sides can work together to make improvements. New automatic door openers have been installed, and there is hope that other changes will be made.

As much as the administration has made positive steps, there was a lack of faculty support. This is upsetting to us, not only as students, but also as reporters. Letters were sent out, and those who were expected to not attend, attended. Conversely, those who we build personal relationships with through our education did not show up. Many probably had classes to teach, but it would have been nice to receive a response to the invitation to show that we have been taken seriously. Faculty provide a step between students and administration. They are aware of the opinions and situations of both sides. One of the reasons a student chooses to attend a small school is to have a more personal relationship with professors, have them become involved in their lives. However, this lack of interest has been surprising to those of us who feel like we have made connections with many professors. To those who did show up, the support was noted and you are thanked for attending.

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Editorial Board

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