EDITORIAL: Holiday season brings needed reminders

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December 5, 2002

Each week Loquitur does its best to seek campus news to provide to the student body as fairly and accurately as possible. Often, Loquitur simply takes the common gripes of the student body, finds the story and reports so the administration can hear the voice. In addition, the Loquitur staff works hard to always have an eye and the ear on the news so we can break stories, giving props to high achievers and righting the wrongs.

In the heat of battle in the newsroom, stories and headlines are written that can make Cabrini sound unlivable. Although Cabrini does need improvement in many areas, we are lucky to be given the opportunity to live in a safe suburb of one of America’s proudest cities while earning an education from interesting and intelligent professors.

It is easy for us to take what we have for granted. Over the holidays, millions of people across the globe will be hungry and cold, essentially living without the necessities. As most of us plan on being successful, we have become used to the mindset that if things are not perfect, they are not right. There is nothing wrong with such a mindset as long as we consciously keep in mind that our complaints and requests are only to make our surroundings better, not to accuse them of being bad. Ultimately, it is constructive criticism.

So while we point out the imperfections of the college, keep in mind how fortunate we really are. Warm classrooms, decent facilities, endless resources and the minds and leaders that allow us to realize the difference between good and bad, right and wrong.

Sometimes it can be hard to see through the rain to the light of day, but students, faculty and community alike have been able to do their best. Cabrini has driven further, going from just an estate of buildings and fields to a stronger community. Over this last year as a growing community, students have been able to come together and can continue attempting to strive for that perfection that so many people desire.

As we enter the holiday season, it is important to keep those who have experienced a tremendous loss in our prayers. Pray that Jonathan Huber’s family and Abigail Bullard and her family receive the strength, comfort and love as they enter into the holidays for the first time without those people who have left an incredible impact on their lives.

Others, too, unknown to us are desperate for our prayers. They are somewhere in the world experiencing pain and grief as a result of immeasurable difficulties and need our prayers and thoughts to get through this season with a little joy. Please do not forget them as you pray.

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