EDITORIAL | Graduates move on, underclassmen move up

By Kaitlin Barr
May 3, 2007

With another year behind us, we find ourselves faced with new and exciting obstacles ahead. For the seniors, graduation and the real world are in arms reach. For the juniors, the last year of college and internships are right around the corner. Sophomores will become upper classmen next year and realize there’s only two years left. Freshmen, congratulations, you survived your first year of college.

Four years of college are now behind you seniors, and with that experience, take everything you’ve learned and apply it to your future. Enjoy graduation while it lasts, because soon after, many of you will be burdened with the constant reminder that you don’t know what to expect with your future. For the lucky few who know your plans after graduation, congratulations. It’s a hard world; harder then most of us know.

The best advice to the graduating class is – “carpe diem”. Seize the day and take whatever life throws at you and take pleasure in it all. You may come across paths that seem easier and you’ll want to take them, however, always remember: Always choose the path that is harder and seems more difficult, because if you do, that is how you become really successful in life.

Whatever life has in store for each of you, don’t forget to just run with it. Always keep a smile on your face and stay positive; never stop trying, don’t give up. Enjoy the next chapter of your lives, whatever they may be. Cabrini has instilled many wonderful morals and values into your lives over the last four years that should never be forgotten. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Life is limited; don’t waste it on something you’re not passionate about.

Marc S. Lewis said it best, “The person who you’re with most in life is yourself, and if you don’t like yourself, you’re always with somebody you don’t like.”

As the current seniors graduate and leave the grounds of Cabrini forever, their shoes will need to be filled. Important spots will need to be taken over, whether it is in the classroom, on an athletic team, or in organizations around campus. Take what you have learned from the seniors and bring it all into everything you do.

Underclassmen, become involved, volunteer, and most of all, enjoy everything you experience while you’re here. There will be many events throughout your time spent in college that you will never forget; treasure every one. You are all the future of Cabrini College, so embrace it and take your future as your own. As you become an adult with the opportunity to write your own story, take advantage of every opportunity you’re given and decide your future.

Next year will be a year filled with exciting and momentous events. We will be faced with one of the most interesting and tight primaries for the Presidential Race of 2008. An election in which whatever the outcome may be, will change the United States forever. Don’t let it pass you by, become involved, get to know the candidates, and most importantly, VOTE!

As the 50th Anniversary of the college approaches us, you will be surrounded by wonderful speakers, events and alumni that you will remember forever. It will be such a special year filled with memories of the past and high hopes for the future.

Cabrini is constantly preparing us for the real world, and helping us become professionals. To all of the seniors, congratulations on everything you have accomplished and good luck in everything you will come across. You have made Cabrini evolve and remain a great place to be, and you will surely be missed.

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Kaitlin Barr

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