EDITORIAL: Administration must look to the future

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January 29, 2004

The class of 2007 has scholarly statistics that any college would be proud of. Its SATs went up 33 points from the last year, compared to the national average of six points. The class grade point average is 3.06, which is the highest Cabrini has seen in recent years. There is no question about it-the college, especially the admissions office, should be proud of these statistics, but as Cabrini starts admitting more talented and scholarly students, shouldn’t the school start becoming more selective in its admissions process?

At schools labeled less selective like Cabrini, its admissions standards are the same for everyone. If the applicant meets the SAT and GPA requirements the college sets, they are generally accepted. In the more selective schools, the admissions standards are not the same for everyone-separate standards are set for separate majors. For example, the top major at Cabrini is elementary education. If Cabrini was a more selective school, the elementary education program would have its own set of standards to be admitted into the program. The potential elementary education major would not only have to meet the requirements that the college set for all its students, but they would also have to meet the requirements set for the elementary education major.

The college received 26 percent more applications this year than last year. This shows that Cabrini is looked at as a competitive school for the undergraduate student, yet it is still considered as a less selective school in terms of its admissions process. The administration has the power to turn that around-they can make Cabrini a more selective school, but that is not happening, and a major problem is arising because of it.

In 1999, the resident population at the college was 632 students. The Cabrini Apartment Complex and the addition to House 2 were complete, so there were enough spots to house everybody. In the fall of 2003, the resident population grew to 921, an increase of 289 students over four years, yet only one residence hall was built in the time of the increase, and that was the 179-bed New Residence Hall. The college had to find places for 110 students and it resulted in the current overcrowding of the residence halls.

The administration has the power to turn everything around. The statistics prove that Cabrini could become a more selective school. It should start in the admissions process. The college can start becoming pickier in whom it accepts and how many applicants it accepts. This could be the solution the college needs to stop the tremendous overcrowding that is making the residents uncomfortable. The administration needs to start looking to the future.

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