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November 8, 2001

In the past, Cabrini Day has been a day when most students decide to sleep in late or take the day off. Cabrini day happens to be today and happens to be very different from past years.

With the recent tragedy on Sept. 11 the school has decided to look at Cabrini Day in a whole new way. This year students will be part of a town meeting. The day will be devoted to discussion of events from this date. It should offer further learning and understanding about the events that changed our world.

After this country has been through a day like Sept. 11 we need to all come together and reflect on the events that occurred. A day like this should make us all realize that we should come together now. It is a time for all of us to put all the petty things in our lives behind us and move on.

Forgive and forget anything that you have a grudge about. Live with a smile on your face.

If Sept. 11 proved one thing, it proved that you never know what life will bring. This day touched every person in the country yet there are people who have went back to their old ways like nothing ever happened. It affected every person and therefore changed every person in a small way.

Let’s all come together for Cabrini Day. Let’s live with the teachings of Mother Cabrini in our hearts. Let’s prove that we can still go on after this tragedy.

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