By Paul Williams
September 5, 2002

Cabrini is booming.

As we welcome the largest freshman class in the 44-year history of the institution, the administration is planning its third wave of construction and upgrades.

It is true, of course, that with the good comes the bad. Besides the inconvenience of losing a few trees this coming spring due to the ground breaking of the new Science, Education and Technology building, students are being crammed into small rooms while the college is building revenue to grow. The general student reaction is that of discomfort. Immediately, gripes and complaints can be heard echoing through the halls from everyone who is experiencing the change as it happens.

What is often neglected, however, is the view of the big picture. Cabrini is still a young college. Of course it is trying to attract more serious students each year. Of course it is tuition driven. Of course we don’t have the multibillion-dollar endowments of the Ivy League institutions.

What we do have that they don’t, however, is the excitement of new growth and fresh pride. Cabrini is growing larger and better each year. Sure, it may mean a few students feeling uneasy for the first few weeks. But the sacrifice of the students now will undoubtedly benefit them in the future. Cabrini’s reputation is growing as the school is getting bigger and more technologically advanced. This can only mean that once we graduate and the changes are complete, our degrees will be much more valuable than they were before, just as those who graduated before us are feeling the positive effects now. While it may seem that things could be running better, in reality they could not. We should rather suffer through the minor details and reap the benefits in our careers as our degrees become that much more valuable as Cabrini prospers in the future.

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Paul Williams

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