Eagles fan culture

By Matt Campbell
November 19, 2004


The National Football League season consists of 17 weeks and 16 games. The Philadelphia Eagles started the season winning its first seven games, the best start in franchise history. Eagles fans have routines they go through on game days either as superstition or out of habit.

Cabrini attracts students from all over the nation and they bring with them their favorite sports teams. Located just outside of Philadelphia many of Cabrini students are Eagles fans. Kyle Foley, criminal justice major, said, “I make sure I have my jersey clean and plenty of beers ready to go for game time.”

Game day is clearly evident to any student, Eagles fan or not. Eagles fans adorned with replica jerseys of their favorite players let us all know its game day.

Some fans do this out of ritual or superstition and many more local fans have routines on game day and when watching the game. Cabrini is no different. “I wear my black Brian Dawkins jersey and Eagles hat and I watch each game from the same spot on the couch of my apartment,” senior political science major, Mike Sofia said.

Local grocery stores get flooded with Eagles fans buying last minute chips, dip and snack food, as no game would be complete without these necessities. Monday night TV’s were tuned to channel six America’s Broadcasting Company to watch John Madden and Al Michaels commentate the game. Eagles fans also tune to 94.1 WYSP either to avoid John Maddens statements of the obvious or to hear Merrill Reece and Mike Quick give their humorous versions of the games play-by-play.

Sports bars or lazy-boys become a once a week second home to Eagles fans during the season.

“I wear my McNabb jersey and I go over to the Marquis to watch it with a group a friends,” English and communications major, Kendall Neil said. Other fans go home to watch the game with their parents as they have since they were younger.

Rituals, routines or superstitions, the Eagles seem to be doing well regardless and the fans are beginning to think Super Bowl.

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Matt Campbell

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