Outta’ Right Field: Do the Birds need a change?

By Melanie Greenberg
October 4, 2011

Big Red has finally stated what us Eagles fans have been saying since this supposed “Dream Team” took a nosedive in week two. “I have to do a better job as the head football coach,” Reid said. “It’s my football team, and I have to do a better job with it.”

No duh. With a 1-3 record and a last-place seat in the NFC East division, the Birds are in need of a change. All three losses come from scoreless fourth quarters, a lack of winning instinct and a definite lack of focus on game days.

Our “Dream Team” deteriorated before it ever took off. The end of the lockout brought us players like Asomugha, Babin, Rogers-Cromratie and we were presented with a new defensive coordinator, Juan Castillo. Anyone else confused about that pick? Thought so.

We rallied for a change two years ago. Bye-bye McNabb. Michael Vick had a fantastic season as Kevin Kolb’s second-string quarterback so we wrapped him up in a $100 million contract.

I don’t think I need to go on anymore about the fantastic talent we have available. So where are we going wrong? Maybe, just maybe, it is our play calling. Possibly, it could be our coaching staff.

There is no doubt Reid took us from desolation to near excellence. Over the last 12 seasons, we have seven division championships, four consecutively between the years of 2001-2004, one conference championship and one trip to the Big Game ending in heartbreak.

I’m not taking for granted the phenomenal years I’ve been lucky to be a fan, especially after the seasons Philly trudged through during the ‘80s and ‘90s, particularly the Ty Detmer years flowing into the easily forgettable Bobby Hoying (who?!). I appreciate all that McNabb and Reid have given me in terms of being a fan but I have to admit; I am jonesing for that Super Bowl ring.

As selfish as it may be, seven division titles in 12 years is not enough for me. When do we get that extra? When is it our turn to parade the streets of Philly? I don’t want to simply be known as the city that threw snowballs at Santa Claus any longer. If we get rid of the quarterback, sign some safetys, cornerbacks and receivers, if we fix our defense (or lack thereof), maybe it is time to say goodbye to Big Red. As Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” It may be time to change the one aspect of our beloved Eagles that hasn’t fluctuated, except in weight, over the last 13 years and lose Reid and his dream of a passing team.

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Melanie Greenberg

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