GaGa does it again with ‘Telephone’

By Meghan Murphy
March 16, 2010

On Friday, March 11, Lady Gaga’s  ‘Telephone” music video featuring Beyonce had its big premiere on E! News.  I must say that I was extremely taken aback after the nine minute and 32 second video was over. When I started the video on YouTube, I wasn’t too sure if I was watching the correct video. But then again, what else do you expect from Lady Gaga? She is a hot mess.

The music video for  ‘Telephone” didn’t match up to the real meaning of the song. After hearing the song over and over on Q102, I figured the song was about how bringing your phone out when you’re partying isn’t a good idea, but the music video had nothing to do with the real meaning of the song.

It has been said by Gaga herself that ‘Telephone” picks up where “Paparazzi” left off.  Who could forget that Gaga kills her boyfriend in the video then goes off to jail and she poses for a various amount of mug shots?

The music video starts out with two women guards of a jail walking Gaga to her prison cell. All the other inmates, who are women, are yelling provocative things at her, but Gaga barely flinches. The guards then strip her down into literally nothing; there is Gaga’s body for everyone to view. Some say that she did this to prove to everyone that she is truly female after a YouTube video surfaced last year that suggested otherwise.  The first minute of the video basically justified my reasoning as to why Gaga is off the wall.

If you have ever seen the movie “Kill Bill,” you would recognize that car Beyonce picks Gaga up in at the jail is the same truck that Uma Thurman borrows in “Kill Bill.” Beyonce and Gaga proceed to go on a killing spree but the director of ‘Telephone” Jonas Akerlund promises that it wasn’t trying to mock or have any similarity with “Kill Bill.”

The most bizarre part of the video is the outfits Gaga wears. She comes out of her jail cell for the first time covered in metal chains and sunglasses that are smoking. Yes, her sunglasses were made out of lit cigarettes. I had to rewind the video to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Before the song “Telephone” actually starts playing in the background, Lady Gaga definitely begins to push the envelope. This is where I was finally realized why YouTube has a warning before the video is played by the viewer.

Gaga’s outfits are out of control in the video. Aside from the cigarette sunglasses, she has Diet Coke cans as rollers in her hair, a bra and a thong on, some crazy telephone hat and an American flag outfit. Who ever comes up with these costume ideas is extremely creative but has to be just as weird as Gaga.

Music videos today are become more and more provocative. It seems that many singers aren’t afraid to do anything or wear anything for the public’s viewing. It is mind-boggling that these music video directors don’t have limitations of what can and cannot be produced. Anyone who has Internet access or cable television is able to watch these videos. What kind of image are they projecting to the younger society? This is why kids, especially younger girls, are dressing like Miley Cyrus in the “Party in the USA” video. I don’t ever remember my friends and I dressing like Britney Spears in the “Oops! I Did it Again” music video.

Now all you little monsters out there, don’t get upset with me, because I’m certainly not bashing Lady Gaga. I think her music is different and she is a very talented person. She is one of those individuals who could care less about what others think of her. I am just shocked that the “Telephone” video was actually allowed to be produced and aired on public television. To every person who has still yet to watch the “Telephone” video, grab a box of popcorn and get cozy because you are in for a trip!

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Meghan Murphy

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