Dramatically Jana

By Jana Fagotti
September 11, 2003


Text messages. Instant messages. Also known as masks and easy outlets for the admirer. Whether you talk to him or her everyday or you have never talked at all in person, just know that technology has invented an easy way for people to communicate indirectly. IT IS NOT A GOOD THING. Text messages are only a good idea when the person sending the sweetness can also deliver the message in person. Otherwise, its all a facade. Instant messages are not much better. It is easy access to a break-up or to tell that distant admirer youre lusting for them. But, these messages only aid in the false impressions people are given each day. This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “If the person cant say it to your face, they should not say it at all.”


You’re on the dance floor in this one exquisite moment. Your eyes are closed. Your fingertips rest gently on your partner. You can hear the music but even more, you can feel it pulsating through every vein in your body. You have no consciousness of where you are except in that one moment, and then you take one swift, easy breath in and you’ve fallen.

Life is part amazing and part unpredictably funny. Why is it that when you least expect it something wonderful comes along and once youve fallen. A moment may seem so perfect and flawless, yet its only what you make it. Reality is rugged. Reason is questionable. Remembering is a given. Redeeming is possible. Refinery is temporary. Reluctance is reasonable but rising above everything is the only way to really understand what YOU want

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Jana Fagotti

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