Donahue returns for shutout

By Patrick Gallagher
October 8, 2009

Traveling to Immaculata the women’s field hockey team battled hard and came away with a victory of 1-0. Every game is as big as the next, but each game always has special traits. From injured players to future goals it had implications that were spread around the board.

Returning from a torn MCL, junior goalkeeper Caitlin Donahue jumped back in the net and helped lead the strong defense in the win over Immaculta where she would record her sixth career shutout.

“It was great having Cait back. If someone that was watching the game didn’t know she had just torn her MCL, they would have never known. She played unbelievable and we owe that game to her.” Allie Rodolico, junior communication major, said.

The game started with the lady Cavs controlling the ball, tempo and the clock. They were easily able to control the ball in the Mighty Mac’s side of play.

Goal scoring came at the 17-minute mark when Lauren Alessi’s shot found the back of the goal. This would go on to be the game winning goal and all that Cabrini would need to take the victory home.

That first goal is always crucial because it can change strategies and emotions.

“It’s always a plus to be first to score in the game. It takes some pressure off of the defense and goalie,” Rodolico said.

To one individual that first goal was even more important. Caitlin Donahue saw that goal as a jump start and a sign that her team was capable of finishing.

“The first goal is always important because it gets us pumped and lets us know that it can be done again,” Donahue said.

The half came and it was evident that Cabrini had all of the wind in their sails. The team was looking strong and looked ready to run away with the game.

“The coaches were really happy with us at half time. We dominated the entire first half and were really playing well as a team. We were backing each other up really well and making good passes. They just kept telling us we couldn’t let up and we had to play just as hard in the second half,” Rodolico said.

The second half came and the “Mighty Macs” showed that they were not giving in yet. With hard presses from their offense it looked as if the Lady Cavs were pushed on their heels.

With nine total saves Donahue shutout the Immaculata team giving them a loss on their home field. It was a team win because if the countless strikes that were sent away from a strong Cabrini defense. They showed that they may bend but when it really counts they will not break.

Along with the return of the starting goalie the team was also fighting to keep their perfect record in conference play alive. This was their third conference match this season but the stretch lasts back to last season. The Lady Cavs finished off their 2008 regular season with a perfect 9-0 record and are working to continue that record this season. With the win over the Mighty Mac’s it left the Lady Cavs with a 13 and 14 record versus CSAC opponents.

“We were all pretty stoked and happy. We want to win CSAC this year and we are on our way,” Donahue said.

Patrick Gallagher

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