Party conventions don’t matter

By Kellie Manoppello
September 18, 2012

Every four years it seems to be the same thing in the political world. We either elect a new president or the current one continues to keep going with their old promises while adding new ones to their new term, which they display to the public in the political conventions.

I know for myself I don’t watch anything political. The commercials just drive me crazy and I am not a fan of people bashing on the current president or candidates so harshly.

However there are people who do watch the conventions but I really don’t think that they matter too much anymore.

With the way media is today everyone seems to know what the candidate is about long before they even have the political conventions.

I feel as though people who do watch the conventions already have their minds made up anyway.

Watching the conventions seem more for people to be reassured about what they already plan on doing and judging who they’re not going to vote for.

I understand the reasoning for having conventions, is to help persuade people who are on the edge about who their voting for and maybe the convention can answer that for them. But there is so much more to the conventions than just what most of the country sees on TV and the people that are there most likely there know whom they want to run the country already.

I wonder if there is a different way that they could get the attention of people other then a convention. Yes, it’s the easiest way for the government to get the word out of all the candidates but is it the best? Probably not.

So yes I do understand why there are the conventions but I personally really don’t think that they matter anymore.

I feel as though everyone for the most part has their mind made up already and know who they’re voting for before the conventions even occur it just reassures what people already believe.


Kellie Manoppello

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