Dilemma in Jazzman’s

By Christine Blom
November 12, 2004

Lori Iannella

When you order something in the cafeteria or Jazzman’s, do you ever second guess what you are about to eat?

Meal-exchange time in Jazzman’s is absolutely insane and everyone knows that. But imagine trying to scarf down half a sandwich and a bowl of soup before you go to class. After eating a delicious Santa Fe turkey sandwich, which happens to be my favorite, I noticed that there were white chunks in my tomato basil soup.

The sign that hangs over the soup center only had tomato basil, cheddar potato and chicken noodle listed so I figured I would go for the tomato. After one spoonful, I immediately turned to my roommate, Lauren, and said, “Doesn’t this taste a little fishy to you?”

“Of course it tastes fishy, it’s Manhattan clam chowder.”

“I thought it was tomato basil?”

I quickly ran up to the soup center to settle this dilemma. The sign, indeed, had been extremely wrong. For any normal person this probably would not have been such a big deal, but considering that I am allergic to seafood, things could have gotten pretty nasty.

From now on, I have learned that when ordering at Jazzman’s you have to double check on what you think you are being served because it may be something completely different.

Another thing about Jazzman’s is that they do not have substitute meal exchanges. One night I asked for a turkey BLT sandwich instead of a tuna BLT sandwich because I was allergic. I was instantly denied because they only have one option at every meal.

Yes, you can just ask to use your meal exchange money but then the value of the chosen meal takes up some flex money. In order to make this fair to all students, especially those with allergies, they should offer two meal exchanges every night because of health purposes.

If we can’t eat in the cafeteria because it’s too late, and we can’t eat in the Jazzman’s because its not catering to what we want, where are we supposed to eat?

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Christine Blom

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