Diggin’ Digg.com

By Justin Bostwick
November 21, 2008

Over the past six or seven years, the Internet has become my main source for news stories. Aside from news sites such as CNN.com, social content Web sites are growing in popularity.

Although many aren’t familiar with it, Digg.com happens to be one of the most popular social networking sites on the Web today. In fact, this particular Web site has been my homepage since I discovered it two years ago.

Basically, Digg.com is a site where the public has control over the content that is put up. In my opinion, the best aspect about the site, or the most interesting advantage about the site, is that the majority of the stories that are posted aren’t exactly the mainstream stories that would be found on CNN.com.

Digg.com is a commercial site. That means that corporations and business will often find a way to get their name up there because it’s a perfect way to advertise without being overwhelming.

The Web site usually doesn’t steer away from its primary categories. The stories posted up on the site have to do with technology, science, world, business, video entertainment and gaming news.

Digg.com is a free Web site to access. The public can create a free account and can then post their feedback on the stories they choose to talk about. It’s entertaining to read what people have to say because a lot of the time there are conflicting opinions on stories. It’s great because people can see where others stand on more popular topics that would usually be seen when watching the news.

Unfortunately, there always has to be a quarrel with something. What bothers some people about the site is that they feel that the public has too much control of the articles that are posted. A lot of people are also under the belief that the stories that make it to the front page are too controlled by the site’s operators.

The problem there is that the content that is actually up on the site is supposed to be decided by the public. I’m really not the type of person to get worked up over such minor issues on a Web site, so I don’t really have any problems with Digg.com In fact, I’m all for the Web site.

Personally, I think that more news Web sites should post some of the material found on Digg. com. A lot of the stories are far more entertaining than the usual, boring, same old same old news that’s everywhere you turn. There is plenty of variety in the news that I read on Digg.com.

There has been multiple occasions where I have used the Web site to help me on assignments for school. Despite what some have said in the past, I have found Digg.com to be a very reliable source.

Most of the stories that I read on there are more likely to appeal to college students. With Digg.com as my homepage, every time I launch my Internet browser I usually see something that grabs my attention. It might not be the most important news in the world, but it’s entertaining and that’s what I look for.

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Justin Bostwick

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