Demi Lovato documentary Simply Complicated touches on depression

By Jordan Clouthier
October 26, 2017

Screenshot from the documentary.

On Oct. 17, Demi Lovato came out with a documentary about her life and her struggles over the last 10 years.

When Lovato was 10 years old, she started her career on Barney and Friends. When she was 15 she got a huge role in Camp Rock. After that, her career took off and she became a bigger star then ever over night.

“When I was 17, I tried cocaine for the first time,” Demi Lovato said in her documentary.

All the pressure of being a perfectionist and trying to please everyone began to take a tool on her. She turned to alcohol and drugs to cope with how she was feeling and no longer cared about her career or who she hurt in the process. She never told anyone that she needed help because she did not want to get help.

When she was 18, she entered a treatment rehab center after her manager and crew told her that they would leave if she did not get help and get her life back on track. Over the next year, Lovato learned how to get her life back and became sober. Today, she has now been sober for five and a half years.

Lovato talked about how her struggles turned her into the person she is today and how she is now better because of them.

Screen shot from the documentary.

With this documentary, I feel that she was able to connect more with her fans and let them know that she is more then an artist but a real person who deals with real life problems that they can relate to.

Here is what some fans had to say about the documentary:

Laurin  from Austin, Texas said, “I think it was amazing! I watch a lot of documentaries about musicians, because I’m a musician myself. But Demi’s was so in depth about some of the darkest parts of her career that when you see how healthy and happy she is now, it’s just absolutely incredible. It portrays the battle with addiction and recovery so well that it was a super emotional thing to watch. I loved it. Demi is incredible and seeing her make it past her struggles and become as successful as she is today is honestly so inspiring! The way they highlighted the bad times and her making it through that, her personality and everything in between was just awesome. It was really well made, honestly. I really, really loved it!”

Charlie from Quecholac, Puebla, said, “It was amazing when she opened her heart and talked about the eating disorders and drugs problems. I love how she has overcome all her ghosts. In the documentary, she is alive, sexy, healthy, honest. She has always reserved her private life. Now, in this work, she shows what she really is, not as a singer or actress, but as human. When I was 17, I was going through the same thing and I was overcoming it at the same time that she was going out of rehab. From that moment, she became my inspiration and I applaud day-by-day, her commitment to society and her Lovatics, how strong she is now. I love to be confident as she teaches me.”

Emily Allan, a 22 year-old girl from Scotland, said, “Demi’s documentary ‘Simply Complicated’ is nothing but truth, strength and love. It shows all the highs and lows of her career so far and shows her coming out the other side stronger and [more] confident than ever. The demons are not completely gone, but Demi is living proof that once you get the help you need, you can be happy and learn to carry on.”

Screenshot from the documentary.

Lovato shared her story in a way that blew her fans minds. It was emotional and real and made them feel really connected to her.

Within her documentary, she didn’t just talk about her story but she also featured songs that are on her brand new album, “Tell Me You Love Me,” which came out Sept. 29.

Lovato opens herself in ways that lets you feel connected to her. It lets her become vulnerable and that is something hard to do for a lot of people.

Watching this documentary defiantely gives you a new perspective on her and changes your thought on a lot of things. It also touches on mental health which is something not talked about enough and something that Lovato is very passionate about.


Jordan Clouthier

I am a sophomore at Cabrini University. This is my first year writing for the Loquitur. I may not be the strongest writer but I am here to learn and to give so much information to not only my school but to the public as well

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