Television show simulated at Grace Hall; students win gift certificates

By Christina Flood
February 19, 2010

Over 50 Cabrini students were in attendance at the Deal or No Deal game night, hoping for a chance to win three money prizes.  The big money winner of the night was the final contestant, Brianne Collins, sophomore education major, earning herself a gift card worth $100.

After Collins luckily eliminated almost all of the low numbers, she was finally satisfied with the deal when the banker offered Collins a whopping $240,000.

“I’m saving it for spring break so that I have money to spend,”  Collins said after her big win.

Starting the night off right was Bryan Churchey, junior history and political science major.  His number had been called and he strolled down to the front of the auditorium with confidence.  Upon his arrival, he asked the audience and the game show host, “What do I do?” Although he clearly had never played the game before nor seen the show, he easily added humor to the night and kept the audience laughing throughout his turn.

Keeping everyone involved, after several not-so-lucky guesses, Churchey began to ask the audience for advice.  He lost a deal of $125,000 at one point, due to listening to several inputs from the audience yelling, “No deal!”

By the time the night was over, he wound up in third place with $50 in his pocket after the banker offered him a $90,000 deal.

“I felt good and just wanted to make sure that the audience and I had a great time.  I think it’s safe to say that everyone did,” Churchey said.

In celebration of Mardi Gras, the models entered from the auditorium stairs decked out in green CAP Board t-shirts and glittery purple, green and gold masks.

Although only three people were given the opportunity to win money, there was an excited atmosphere throughout the evening.  People seemed happy to be spending their Tuesday night at a school-sponsored event.

“CAP tried it last year and it went really well, so they did it again this year.   It’s something fun and different for students to do on campus,” John Solewin, junior history and political science major, said.

CAP Board kept people involved by raffling off many green t-shirts whenever they had to pause the game so the mystery banker to debate upon on a deal.

Joe Cahill, junior English and communication major, was one of the three contestants and was definitely a risk taker. The mystery banker, who turned out to be Professor Carol Serotta, offered Cahill plenty of good deals, which he always turned down.

At the beginning of his turn, Cahill spent a good amount of time picking the first number from one of the models.  While he was debating, he drew some laughs from the audience as he told the models that they are all beautiful before deciding on number 20 to be his own folder.

Taking his chances, Cahill continued guessing until he was down to the last model.  At the last minute he decided to switch his folder with the model’s folder, winning second place with a $200,000 guess.

After all that risk taking, he still managed to walk away with a $75 gift card.

“I’d definitely go back.  It was a lot of fun considering I’d never played the game before.  Anytime you have a chance to win something is always worth going to,” Churchey said.

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Christina Flood

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