Crystal ball will tell everything

By Jessie Holeva
October 11, 2007


Dying to know the future? See a psychic, they’ll tell it all!

Yes, maybe I am gullible but I’m a believer and that’s because I’ve seen the light. A psychic has predicted my future and what a future it is!

It was a particularly nice day when I strolled into Miss Young’s office in New Hope. As I walked through the doorway, I felt an unworldly good vibe and I knew I was at the right place.

My two aunts accompanied me; they’ve sought out the mother’s psychic services before, who’s since passed on.

The mysterious dark haired woman took me back to her table where she explained the different types of readings: palm, tarot cards, crystal ball.

I chose the reading which was the most expensive and most thorough, the crystal ball.

As I sat there in extreme anticipation the reading began. She stroked the crystal ball with her long polished fingernails as she peered inside.

She started off with my family’s medical history and told me that the high blood pressure on my mother’s side will skip me. Then it started to get juicy.

I will get married a few years after college and will have three boys.

Also, I will be working a lot with men; they’ll open a lot of doors for me.

So true; this summer I got an on-air job at a popular rock station in Scranton. Who hired me? Two males, plus almost all my coworkers are men!

Shocked? There’s more. She said that I went through a big change earlier in the year, a change of scenery and who I surround myself with, and that I adjusted wonderfully.

Last year was my freshman year. Coming to Cabrini was a big step. How more right could she be?

Wait, wait there’s still more. She told me to look for someone with the initial of the letter M.

This woman with the monumental talent said it could be in any of this person’s names, such as middle or last name. My boyfriend, who is a Cabrini student, middle name from confirmation is Matthew.

Since this life-changing experience I’ve been anxiously awaiting my next visit. This summer I contemplated seeing a psychic on the boardwalk, but I wasn’t sure if it would be quite as accurate. Never the less, my psychic knew what she was talking about.

Jessie Holeva

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