CRS Ambassadors Training

By Georgette Breen-Naylor
September 28, 2012

CRS ambassadors pictured at training on Friday, Sept. 28

Friday is the day most people look forward to, so they can relax after a long week of school. However, that was not the case at Cabrini this Friday for the ambassadors  of Catholic Relief Services, otherwise known as CRS.  Cabrini held training for CRS Ambassadors on Friday, Sept 28,  in Grace Hall.  The day started at 9:45 a.m. and did not finish until 3:45 p.m. Villanova University joined Cabrini students for a day dedicated to learning how they can help others.

“We are one, doing it all for a common good,” Dan Luner, freshman communication major, said. He was informed about CRS in his ECG 100 class and he liked the idea of helping others. Like Luner there were other students there for the first time trying to learn how to they can make a difference in our world.

Not only did Cabrini have students who were there for the first time but so did Villanova. Mary Bianco, a sophomore from Villanova, shared the reason she signed up. She was in Tanzania two years ago and worked close with CRS staff and became inspired by their work and decided she wanted to get involved.

“I’m really excited. We have a lot of stuff planned for this semester,” Bianco said.

Cabrini began a partnership in 2005 with CRS being the first college to do this. Since then four other universities have been added to the list of partners with CRS. CRS does not only work in America but also in approximately 100 different countries.

CRS is open to anyone who wants to join.  This is a great program for any student who is interested in social justice and all of the issues going on in our world. Each student signs up for different reasons but all have one goal and that is to help others.

CRS has a mission to assist the poor and vulnerable people overseas, promote integral human development, respond to major emergencies, fight for disease and poverty, nurture peaceful and just societies and serve Catholics in U.S. as they live their faith in solidarity with the global family.

CRS advocates and lives in solidarity with the poor and vulnerable locally and globally. CRS has a Food Fast in the spring for 12 hours so you can know how others feel.

“Since the Food Fast I learned not to waste food and water because for some it’s not easily accessible,” Chelbi Mims, a senior communication major, said.

Brian Wagner, a senior at Cabrini, started the What about Sudan petition at Cabrini with the collaboration of Villanova ambassadors as well. The What about Sudan petition is asking that presidential candidates in the upcoming debates will speak about what they will do for Sudan. Wagner, along with many others, are asking others to support this petition.

“We want people to speak about Sudan, we want them to research and for the press to write about it,” Rasha Sharhan, senior math major and president of the Ambassadors at Cabrini,said.


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Georgette Breen-Naylor

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