Students With A Global Vision

By Ryan McLaughlin
September 16, 2012

Approximately 40 students from Cabrini and Villanova are scheduled to be trained as Catholic Relief Services Ambassadors on Friday, Sept. 28. CRS is the international relief and development agency of the U.S Catholic community. The purpose of the training is to give students a more defined outlook into issues facing the global community.

This training event provides students with background knowledge about CRS  On the day of the event students from Villanova and Cabrini will come together.

Jerry Zurek, professor and chairman of the communication department, said,” CRS helps Cabrini students have a global vision.”

The CRS Ambassador training event is Friday, Sept. 28, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., in the Grace Hall Conference Room.  These students from two different schools, Cabrini and Villanova, are going to unite in an effort towards one common goal.

The CRS program at Cabrini is a seven-year-old program.  Cabrini is the first college in the United States to have a partnership with the organization.

One thing already accomplished because of students involved with CRS at Cabrini is the fair trade coffee movement.  This movement involves all coffee bought from farmers at a fair price.

“Not only is this the right thing to do, it helps drastically to improves the lives of these farmers,” Zurek said.

There are  projects planned for the fall semester.  These projects are going to be focusing on immigration.

Many people have an understanding that a lot of people migrate to the United States.  What people don’t understand is why though.

CRS has the ambition to enlighten people on this matter amongst other things.

For the spring semester the focus will be on world hunger.  In previous years to show support of this, students fasted for a day.

“I Joined CRS because I believe we were put on this world for a reason and I believe my reason is to help the undeserved and vulnerable.  I think people should join because we fight for the rights of people who don’t have voices and raise awareness about the situations that are not always publicized on CNN or in the tabloids,” Chelbi Mims, a senior communications major said.

CRS works only overseas, providing care and helping those who can’t  get it themselves.

There is also a planned trip to Washington.  The goal if this is to talk to senators about the needs of poor people.

CRS holds a steady and compassionate aim to make the world a better place.  This can only continue to better with help from students right here at Cabrini College.


Ryan McLaughlin

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