Cross-dressing comedy comes to Philadelphia

By Cecelia Francisco
November 13, 2003

Cecelia Francisco

Cross-dressing comedy came to Philadelphia last week at the Merriam Theatre on Broad Street. Eddie Izzard brought his latest comedy tour, “Sexie,” through town.

The 41-year-old comedian was born in South Yemen and raised in Northern Ireland and Wales. He attended boarding school as a child and has grown up to be what he terms an “executive” transvestite.

Izzard had the crowd on Thursday, Nov. 6 falling out of their seats, laughing so hard some of them had tears in their eyes. The appreciative audience gave Izzard a standing ovation when he walked on stage.

The show started at 8 p.m., with Izzard venturing out wearing a short black skirt, a red top and flowing blue and gold jacket with his makeup and fake breast perfectly in place.

After an hour and a half of leaving the audience in stitches there was a brief intermission.

The lobby was packed with mostly college-aged fans. Some were sporting homemade shirts featuring jokes from previous comedy tours Izzard had done.

After the intermission, Izzard returned to the stage wearing a new outfit, all in black, even donning black gloves that rose to his elbows.

“He was hysterical. I’m used to watching him on TV and DVD. It’s so much better seeing him live,” Charles Francisco, long time Izzard fan, said.

Izzard uses history and humor combined into a two and a half hour comedy routine. There was even a giant projector screen in the background changing to different sceneries depending on the mood or theme of his jokes.

“Few people manage to be so intelligent and so funny at the same time, and even fewer can do it in those heels.” Kate Connell, self proclaimed fellow executive transvestite, said. “He was great. Not only did he talk about mythology, but he made fun of New Jersey.”

Izzard is not just a comedian. He’s been in such movies as “The Velvet Goldmine,” “Mystery Men,” “The Avengers,” and “Shadow of a Vampire.” He’s also been in a few stage productions. He is most known for his comedy tour “Dressed To Kill,” which was featured on HBO.

The show ended with a five minute long standing ovation. The audience was still giggling and excited as they exited in a huge mass onto Broad Street.

For more information including downloads and tour dates visit:

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Cecelia Francisco

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