Creepy campus ghost stories

By Elizabeth Brachelli
August 31, 2006

As I walk along campus now and I feel a wind pick up and watch the leaves swirl around me, I will think twice as the goose bumps trace up and down my arms.

It might appear to be beautiful at first as I think it’s the first inkling of fall.

Or, it might not be from the beginning feelings of the briskness in the fall, so I’ve been told.

The chills that run through me could be from one thing I’d never thought I’d see. The ultimate fear: ghosts.

After hearing multiple ghost stories of the encounters on campus, I now have thoughts that I might experience an interaction with a ghost myself.

I’ve never thought about it up until now. I spoke with many students and have gained a sense of the haunted feelings on campus.

It’s something I never thought I’d face or even something I believed. I’ve seen the horror movies where you see a ghost and you run and scream.

I’ve even sat around with my friends and we’ve shared ghost stories until we all scared ourselves and we can’t manage to walk in the dark ourselves that same night. We were afraid that a ghost might pop out.

Yet, the idea of ghosts really existing irks me.

I think that there is a chance they do exist. Sure, people make stories up and there are people who think they can get in touch with the past.

Then, there are people who explain a phenomenon that seems so real. But at times, there are stories that make me believe there are ghosts.

For instance, many of the Cabrini students explained seeing a young girl with long blond hair in a white or blue dress.

Although there is a chance the students were making it up and stories have been passed down for ages, it remained a consistent story with many people.

All I could think of after hearing the story of the young girl appearing is, “What does she want? Why would she come into the sight of students?”

The idea of ghosts existing leaves me fear that ghosts appear since there is unfinished business.

Also, the idea of life after death only makes me think that the ghost has something left to complete.

I believe that is the case for the young girl seen on campus. Perhaps she has something that still needs to be done. Then, I also came to the conclusion that ghosts appear to guide people.

Perhaps someone needs a little push in the right direction and the ghost is sent to do that. Otherwise, I think the ghosts would live in eternity.

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Elizabeth Brachelli

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