New club creates traditions

By Lillian Hurley
October 15, 2014

Cavalier Traditions

Having a true Cabrini alumnus  work in the Alumni department is the perfect equation to help connect current students and graduates .

Cavalier TraditionsNick Guldin, a 2012 communication graduate, fits this description perfectly. Working in the office of Institutional Advancement as a coordinator for alumni engagement allows Guldin to work with past and present Cabrini students. Now he is excited to give back to the college that gave him so many great memories.

Creating a bond between future alumni and their college experience is the goal of Cavalier Traditions, a club on campus that creates traditions students will carry with them long after they leave Cabrini. The club strives to create Cabrini pride among the students.

The newest Cavalier tradition is the class colors.  A few weeks ago the club hosted the color run where they announced the new class colors. This is a perfect example of a tradition because when the senior class graduates, they will pass their color onto the incoming freshman class.

“After graduation, each class will have their colors that helps to represent their time at Cabrini,” Guldin said.

This new tradition was a great hit with the students. Junior graphic design major, Stacie Roller, attended the color run. “Having these class colors really helps to unify each class,” Roller said.

Traditions are an important part of everyone’s life.  Amber Dietrich, sophomore social work major and leadership minor, has been a member of the club since it began last year.

“Traditions are important because it gives people something to look forward to. In a world where things and people change every day, traditions give you a sense of comfort because no matter what happens you always have that tradition, that memory to hold on to.”

The ideas for Cavalier traditions comes from the students who are in the club. After recruiting freshmen the club has about 16 to 18 members. They will continue to create new traditions on campus, but also to continue events that were established last year like Do Blue Night and Philanthropy Day.

To this club tradition is everything. When asked to define the word tradition Guldin said, “Ritualistic events that represent the different passions to a significant place, that’s a tradition to me.”

Lillian Hurley

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