Crash and burn Internet: more than just inconvenient

By Paul Williams
October 3, 2002

Angelina Wagner

As a student, the website editor for the paper and as someone who pays a portion of tuition, I have to complain about the ongoing problems with the Internet on campus. Why in the hell does the Internet go down all of the time?

I thought that the partnership with Drexel would have made Cabrini’s Internet connection and abilities top notch. I have found out that I am wrong, dead wrong. The Internet seems to be up everywhere else in the world, with the exception of Cabrini. If you walk over to Eastern, you will find that their Internet is up when Cabrini’s is down. Can the school get an answer to why that is? Can someone from Drexel tell us? How about our own ITR department at school? Was the new server that the school began using last year supposed to stop these problems from happening or just add to the problem?

When a student has research to do and because of their schedule they need to do it on campus, they are screwed. I don’t know how any of the residents actually get anything done when they need the Internet. The Internet being down is hindering our education as students at Cabrini.

Do we get an apology? Do we get some kind of refund for Cabrini not providing an essential learning tool? I get graded on whether the paper goes up on the Internet on time. So far three out of four weeks that we have put the paper online, the Internet has gone down. I wish that when they gave tours of Cabrini that they would take you into one of the computer classes. Not so that you can see great technological advances that the school has made, instead you could see students sitting around imagining what they could be doing on the Internet.

This perspective was going to be a web exclusive; however I am not sure that anyone on campus would have been able to read it.

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Paul Williams

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