Cornerstone celebrates Cabrini

By John Holloway
October 9, 2003

Ryan Norris

Time has been captured by students, alumni, and distinguished guests with cornerstone dedication on Saturday, Oct. 4.

Senator Constance H. Williams of the 17th senatorial district was right next to President Antoinette Iadarola helping celebrate the festivities. Adding to the excitement, master of ceremonies Stephen Highsmith, of the class of 1988, remarked that Saturday also marked the launching of Sputnik on Oct. 4, 1957.

All corner stones of buildings are hollow, allowing space for a time capsule according to developer and soon-to-be member of Cabrini College’s Board of Trustees Caswell F. Holloway III. This allows the creators of whatever structure being built to freeze the time period of the structure’s birth. The audience of last weekend’s program witnessed the placing of the items chosen for Cabrini’s time capsule.

An excerpt taken from the program given at the ceremony said, “Individuals from all corners of the Cabrini College community were asked to select an item for placement into the time capsule…When the College celebrates its 100th anniversary in the year 2057, leaders of the College at that time will be instructed to open the capsule and reveal its contents.”

The capsule participants included Sister Mary Louise Sullivan, MSC, Ph.D., who placed a memorial card bearing pictures of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini and Sister Ursula. Ann C. Kruse, professor emeritus of the biology department, placed her 1967 senior farewell mug that she received with her class a decade after Cabrini’s opening. Junior Lara D’Alessandro placed DNA sequencing gel, an automated DNA sequence with an accompanying photo of one of the gels completed last year in the lab, and a Cabrini ID, “[It is] an item that none of us (students) could live without.”

Alumnus Jacquelyn Gerhart of the class of 1987 placed a biology term paper that was researched on the land that the Science center is being built. IST graduate Edward Mack, of th class of 1998, put the original Information Science and Technology website stored on CD. Hopefully students will be able to read CDs in 50 years.

Shirley Dixon, of the class of 1984, and Mary Budzilowicz , of the class of 1974, placed a kaleidoscope in the capsule. David Bashore, Radnor Township manager, felt that a Radnor baseball cap would signify Cabrini College being a member of a larger community. Alongside the cap was a 2003 comprehensive land use plan.

Finally the last participant of the time capsule dedication was chair of the IST department, Dr. Rocco Paolucci, who left behind pictures of full-time faculty and copy of IST curriculum stored on CD.

Cabrini College is truly starting out on the long voyage of tomorrow. The future is depending on research, and further study of our world’s mysteries. Soon Cabrini will be taking part in the non-stop research of solutions for our future. The words spoken from Iadarola mark this event best, “We know we’re good. We’re not satisfied with that. We want to be best.”

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John Holloway

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