Core classes sold out to upperclassmen

By Ryan Mulloy
April 3, 2003

I sure hope I graduate on time. I’m a junior, for those of you who don’t know me, and I have some real problems for my last semester. First, I’ll blame myself here. I sat in College Success seminar and listened to a senior talk about taking my distribution courses before my senior year. Foolishly, I went against all natural, rational thought and took about 44 credits of Communications, my major. I only need 24 credits for graduation.

So instead of screwing myself in the last semester, I’m going nuts and taking the rest of my distributions in the fall. Sound good? Well, not really so good, but it sounds better than being that last semester senior who simply cannot fail if he or she wants to graduate. My plan looks ok now, in theory.

Now before we get out of hand, allow me to issue a warning and thanks. I recall a registrar perspective last year. Either that’s true or my mind is playing tricks on me on this late layout night. Anywho, I have no problems with the registrar at all or in this perspective. I love the registrar. The people in that office have saved my skin on more than once occasion, and a special thanks to Camille Tinney who registered me on her lunch break.

Also, while I focus on my problem with a science course, the rant is rather broad, as my problem could be with any department.

My problem is with not getting into classes. I understand a class fills up. This is not my problem. My problem is being shut out of a class I need to take. I’ve taken one science and lab, and I need one more science for completion. Here’s my dilemma. I think it has something to do with learning communities.

“Health and the Human Body” sounds intriguing to me. Sounds good? Guess what. I can’t take the one that fits my schedule. The reason for this is that it’s freshman only. So now, I go off into my rant.

What’s the deal with learning communities? Why is it that we, a small school, feel the need to jam people into the same classes with the same people over and over again? As if the school is small enough. Look at the staff of this paper. I’ve had classes with most of them for the last three years. I can’t seem to shake Katie Hernson for the life of me. The thing is, do we really benefit from this program? I don’t think so. College is about starting your new life before hitting the real world. So why should people be babied and kept from meeting new people?

Here’s my personal problem: I NEED ANOTHER SCIENCE. The one class I can take and that sounds intriguing is freshman only. How did this happen? Some people have just got to be thinking I can take something else and that I exaggerate. I’m taking 17.5 credits next semester and working an internship, so no, you’re wrong.

Now what happens to me the next semester, in the spring, when there’s about three classes offered and two are for freshman only or for more learning communities? Look, I love Cabrini. I work my co-op here, I put more time in the Communications wing that I should. But quite frankly, I don’t want to be here for more than four years. If Cabrini wants my money, they need to wake up, otherwise, I’m sure Delaware County Community College can offer me a science in the summer. Last time I checked, we handle transfer credits.

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Ryan Mulloy

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