Controversial new workout methods

By Gianna Shikitino
September 18, 2008

Shannon Keough

Want to try a new way to exercise instead of hitting the gym? While these new variations may be costly, the results you will see after trying them out may persuade you into making a new workout routine.

People are changing the way they work out. Whether it comes down to manufacturing exercise super shoes such as Fit Flops and Nike Shox or technology advancement made by Nintendo to create Wii Fit, these three new workout trends are proven to help you work up a sweat, if used accurately.

The Wii System is known for its players to perform in the games and activities provided, to create an active experience in the daily lives of video gamers. Wii has introduced a new alternative, Wii Fit, which comes equipped with a balance board. Wii Fit features exercises according to the four categories offered: yoga, muscle, aerobic and balance.

Brittney Hudson, senior educational studies major, enjoyed her experience playing on Wii Fit. Although she only played once, Hudson said that the “balancing games were fun. You need to have good balance to move up levels.” Players may feel the need to continue to master the levels, which will make them want to play more.

From only playing once, Hudson said, “You felt the stretches and yoga if done correctly. It really works. If you don’t want to go to the gym, Wii Fit will help.”

Although this system may be helpful for those who wouldn’t prefer going to a gym, there are some reasons why you wouldn’t be interested in trying. Wii Fit calculates the user’s mass body-index, and then concludes whether you’re underweight, ideal or overweight, depending on the score of your BMI. created a Wii Fit Review, and its claim of Wii Fit is that the system focuses “more on improving muscle tone than on cardio and weight loss.”

If cardio or taking walks is your ideal workout, you can try Nike Shox for running or Fit Flops for walking.

Wearing Fit Flops improves and tones the muscles in your butt, legs, calves and thighs while walking. Fit Flops aren’t made for running and are not created to be aren’t very stylish.

Jamie D’Orio, administrative assistant for municipal bonds (MBIA), approves of Fit Flops. They allow “more support on arch, to fit your feet. They are absorbent on your knees, less impact when you are walking.”

You won’t see dramatic results instantly. If worn all day or for a long period of time, then you will feel a difference in your muscles. “They do work,” Di’Orio said. “You just have to wear them. If you make it a habit to wear them, you’ll see and feel a difference.”

If you’re a daily runner or if you enjoy cardio exercises for your workout routine, then Nike Shox are for you. Nike Shox are more advanced than the average running shoe. With its rubber springs placed on the heel of the shoe, known as the “shox,” it allows you to have an extra bounce in your stride.

Shannan Steele, junior communication major, wears Nike Shox occasionally while running and working-out. According to Steele, Nike Shox are not for everyone. “Depends on your genetic makeup,” Steele said, “what best fits you comfortably.”

Steele thinks the shoes work really well for her, and that they actually help her out during her workout. She said the shoes “make less of an impact on my kneecaps.”

Athletes are fans of the sneaker, but some aren’t a big fan because of the springs. Saleem Brown, assistant director of admissions and assistant men’s basketball coach, likes that the Shox support his feet. “When you run, they go down and give you a lift.”

“Nike Shox aren’t made for everyone,” Brown said. “There are other brands out there that more athletes wear for comfort.” For people who have wide feet, they probably wouldn’t wear Nike Shox.

Most of the shoe is made up of mesh material, so your feet will stay fresh and dry after your long run or walk. “The mesh airs out,” Brown said. “I don’t want to take my sneakers off and have my whole room smell.”

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Gianna Shikitino

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