By Kerry English
September 25, 2008

“Yo Conshy tonight” has become a phrase I hear so often on Thursday and Saturday afternoons.

Since day one at Cabrini, I’ve heard drunken tales and funny stories of nights out in Conshohocken. Conshy, as we all know and love has become home to some of Cabrini’s most infamous parties.

We’ve all frequented one of the houses hoping the kegs are cold and the cops won’t shut it down. We’ve hated the abundance of freshmen pouring out of the Main Line Taxis because we all forget we were once one of them. And of course, we’ve all made that new drunk best friend. But how is it Conshy has become home to Cabrini’s nightlife?

It’s my opinion that since Cabrini College is such a small school, those who like to party flock together. Sure in comparison to larger universities Conshy might not seem like much.

In reality, seeing the same faces at the same places can feel repetitive. However, if there’s a rumor or a whisper somewhere in Conshy there’s a house party or a happy hour special at Brownie’s you can count on a lot of Cabrini students being there.

A typical night at Conshohocken is wondering if you can hold it long enough to stand in the bathroom line or are you better off just going somewhere outside?

Trying to find the hidden keg stashed in one of the bedrooms is one of the many adventures I see people taking throughout the night.

Elbowing your way in and out of the backyard and basement is always tricky. It usually ends with someone spilling a beer leaving one person with a wet shirt, the other with an empty cup.

My first night out in Conshy feels like it was yesterday. I picked up a green middle school track jersey from the ’80s I stumbled upon in a lost and found. I had never worn it yet because it truly was an outrageous piece of clothing. For some reason, my first night out at Conshy felt like it was the perfect time to break it in.

My friends got the number for Main Line Taxi and went to a Cabrini house party for the first time.

Honestly, that night was one of the most fun nights of my life. I started my night off with a keg-stand or two and steadily met a new face every time I walked in and out of the house.

The night progressed and all of a sudden it was 2 a.m. and I couldn’t seem to find a single person I came to the party with. Pretty soon I pieced it together and realized they had all left by now.

At first I felt a little overwhelmed; it had seemed to me by now most of the freshmen had cleared out of the party. Luckily, I got engaged in a conversation with some nice people and before long the six of us were talking on the roof for an hour and a half. When I finally realized the time, I thought it best to call it a night and took a cab back to good old Woodcrest.

When you go to college, you go wanting to get the whole college experience. Whether people will admit it to their parents or not when they start looking at schools, what is the party scene like, is a question on a lot of incoming freshmen’s minds.

Going out to parties and meeting new people is something we want to experience. Conshy is a place Cabrini students are able to do just that.

Conshy is the heart of Cabrini’s night life. It’s a perfect example of a bunch of young adults just cutting loose and having a good time.

Let’s face it, with all the work and pressures we have on us at young ages today, we’d go crazy if we didn’t have a little fun.

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Kerry English

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