Conference raises $13 million in Iraqi aid

By Kelly Finlan
October 30, 2003

Toccara Buckley

The Unites States won promises for more than $13 billion in Iraqi aid funding over the next five years at a donors’ conference in Madrid, Spain on Friday, Oct. 24. The money will go toward the reconstruction of power, water, and health care, among others, according to the New York Times.

North Korea considers Bush’s offer of security

North Korean officials said they would consider President Bush’s offer of security for the dissolution of their nuclear weaponry program on Saturday, Oct. 25. The North Korean government dismissed the offer earlier in the week as “laughable,” according to the New York Times.

Helicopter downed, 5 soldiers killed

Five U.S. soldiers were wounded when an Army Black Hawk helicopter was shot down near Tikrit, Iraq on Saturday, Oct. 25. The helicopter was brought down by what is believed to be a rocket-propelled grenade, according to the New York Times.

Church advertising banned from Times Square Billboard

An ad for the Methodist Church was banned from the glowing billboards of Times Square. The church contracted to run a 30-second television ad 10 times daily starting Nov. 17. Reuters, the owner of the billboard, said they do not “accept religious advertising,” according to the Washington Post.

Baghdad hotel bombed, deputy defense secretary not hurt

The Rashid Hotel, in Baghdad, Iraq, was bombed early Sunday morning, Oct. 26. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul D. Wolfowicz was a patron of the hotel at the time, but he was not hurt, according to the New York Times.

Commission to subpoena 9/11 file from oval office

A commission investigating the circumstances surrounding the attacks on Sept. 11 is prepared to subpoena files in the Oval Office. Officials say the government is “withholding highly classified intelligence documents,” according to the New York Times.

Wildfire destroys more than 250 homes

A wildfire east of San Bernardino, Calif., has destroyed more than 250 houses since it erupted on Saturday, Oct. 25. Almost 800 firefighters were called in to deal with the flames that threatened more then 1,000 houses and was fed by winds reaching 45 miles per hour and higher, according to the New York Times.

34 killed in series of attcks in Baghdad

More than 34 people were killed in a seemingly coordinated series of attacks in central Baghdad, Iraq on Monday, Oct. 27. The suicide bombers wounded more than 220 people when they targeted the International Committee of the Red Cross, according to the British Broadcasting Company.

Conjoined Egyptian twins’ condition upgraded

Ahmed and Mohamed Ibrahim, Egyptian twins joined at the head from birth, were upgraded from “serious to guarded” after their separation on Sunday, Oct. 12. The marathon procedure took more than 34 hours, according to the New York Times.

Sharon: Israel is not planning to kill Arafat

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced that Israel is not trying to kill Yasir Arafat, the Palestinian leader, though it is trying to remove him from power. Among other options is to confine Arafat to his West Banks compound in Ramallah, according to the New York Times.

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Kelly Finlan

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