Condom distribution: should they be handed to us or should we get it on our own?

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November 20, 2003

Ryan Norris

John M. Holloway

College students everywhere have sex. It can’t be stopped. So it should be protected. There should be no question as to whether or not Cabrini College hands out condoms on campus. The answer is quite simple; they should.

Condoms help prevent the exchange of sexually transmitted diseases. STDs spread like wildfire in a small school. Not only do condoms prevent harmful illnesses, they also reduce the chance of pregnancy by over 95 percent.

One may say women can use birth control, right? Not if they are on Cabrini’s health plan, birth control pills are not available either. There are multiple reasons a woman can be prescribed to birth control. One reason is to help regulate a menstrual cycle to avoid awkward situations.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of girls dating their ex-boyfriend’s roommate. All within months of each other.” Mike Paolucci, a senior, said. “I’m not saying this is wrong. I just hope they were wearing condoms.”

No matter which way you put it, young men and women are exchanging these “sacred moments” night after night after night. In fact, it even happens right here at Cabrini College. The worst part is the college is so small in four years everyone usuall knows their neighbor pretty well.

Cabrini has banned the distribution of condoms in accordance with its Catholic Affiliation. Even when asked to hold safe-sex demonstrations, the school usually does not permit it. I’m sorry, but who’s kidding whom?

The term Catholic affiliation has no specific guidelines. The school does not receive funds from the Catholic Church because of its affiliation. So therefore, why do we follow rules under this affiliation? The term is thrown around with the wind. Time to throw it out. I’m not saying lose all Catholic ties. Not at all. What I’m saying is accept the times and give in to what is truly going on.

Handing out condoms would not be proclaiming to students to go out and have sex with anyone they see. That would just be ridiculous. No, it would send a strong message stating how aware the school is of sexual activity among its’ students. And since it is impossible to prevent, Cabrini should take every step to make it safe.

Birth control on the health plan is simply a marketing issue. The percentage of women using Cabrini’s health plan would probably double because of the ease it would provide to those without cars.

If this information is not enough reason to start distributing condoms, then how about common sense? Alcohol is not forbidden to those of-age. We all know alcohol impairs all thought and sense of reason when consumed at a rapid pace. We students are at our sexual peaks being in our early twenties. Knowing that most students on campus drink…often, something else is probably going on just as often. And in the morning too.

Cecelia Francisco

Sex. Yes, boys and girls, that’s what it all boils down to. We have it everywhere around us, everyday. There’s no doubt that it’s on campus as well.

Every so often I hear someone wonder out loud or complain that Cabrini doesn’t freely give out condoms or that the school’s medical insurance will not pay for birth control.

There is a good reason for this, even if it’s outdated for our generation’s taste. By now you should know that our school was founded on Catholic principles, even though you don’t have to be Catholic to attend.

Those of us who are Catholic, however, should at least know that Catholicism is against premarital sex, so there’s strike one for those who want free condoms provided by the school. The Catholic religion also declares that one aspect for a healthy sexual expression should include the openness to procreation and parenting of children; strike two.

As for strike three, I don’t chalk that one up to the church. Strike three is responsibility. I honestly don’t care who you’re sleeping with and when. You and your partner are the ones making the choices of when and where you’re going to get down and dirty.

My problem is with the expectation that someone else has to provide you with the means to keep you safe from your own consequences. Come on people, we’re supposed to be adults now. Even your parents stopped wiping your ass at some point didn’t they?

Obviously I know you want to have safe sex or else you would care less if the school provided you with condoms and birth control. But think about it this way; when you graduate and move into your own apartment, are you going to complain and expect the landlord to come by everyday to give you your daily condom or to refill your birth control with a co-payment from you? I highly doubt you think that.

When and why is it the school’s responsibility for you to go buck wild and not get an STD or pregnant? If you didn’t have safe sex, would you turn around and say, “damn you Cabrini for making a stupid choice for me?” It would be very na

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