Common courtesy dead and forgotten

By Ryan Mulloy
September 12, 2002

The people on this campus must have the absolute best shoes ever.

Honestly, walk around campus sometime and just take a gander at anyone you want. They are all staring at their feet. What gets me the most is that they can stare at their own feet as they walk. Some-one should give out an award.

If you think I mean that, try reading it in a sarcastic tone. The percentage of people on this campus that have no common courtesy is staggering. I know not everyone is the “in your face” courteous that I am. I spend more time saying “Hi, how you doing?” to complete strangers than I do to my closet friends. I am sure it is scary or just plain creepy, but if you have seen me on campus in my Bon Jovi t-shirt and my bandana, you might see that I just do not care.

Too many walks to the other side of the sun, known as the Dixon Center parking lot, are met with shoe stares that drive me nuts.

I am not asking people to stop everyone they see, hug them and get to know them. Some people are actually in a rush, but how many of you can say that? How much effort does it take to say, “What’s up?” or to even nod your head? If even a nod is too much to ask, next time you make the trek to the Dixon Center lot, head inside for someone to check your neck.

What about opening a door? It is not exactly brain surgery. For the love of God, they have a button on almost every door on campus. Press them out of habit, for maybe one of these days, someone will be behind you. Ever see someone carrying books? We do not all have school bags to lug around. Or what about people with their lunch on one of those “sturdy” plates from the Wigwam? These people are not wearing signs that say, “Help Me,” but I am sure help is appreciated. If it is not, then these people are just jerks.

Parking on campus is a hassle, that is not the world’s best-kept secret, but there’s always that one hidden spot that someone cannot see. Point to it. Otherwise, you drive around and there’s someone at the door of their car, doing something and they look up. Then they continue. Five minutes pass and they leave their parking space, books in hand, and walk inside the building.

Meanwhile, cars are coming and going, spots are appearing and disappearing and by the time you move on, you might as well have parked at Eastern. All I am saying is how difficult is it to raise your head to scream to someone that you are just adjusting your books or for some whacked out reason, admiring the interior of your car before your next class. This alone would save someone five or ten minutes of waiting and cars would not be backed up to the entrance, having to drive all over the parking lot just to get past someone.

Hopefully, this rant did not fall on deaf ears. May-be there are one or two people who are thinking, “Yeah, I guess ‘hello’ is not that hard to get past my lips.” If not, then it is no big deal. I will not lose sleep. One thing is for sure though, I will be the guy on campus walking around with an odd look about him, creeping people out with my greetings and maybe humming a little 1980s hair metal. See you around campus.

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Ryan Mulloy

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